Oscar Isaac Pranked Dune Director With His Modesty Sock

“Here I am, here I remain”

Oscar Isaac Pranked Dune Director With His Modesty Sock

Image Credit: NBC News

The highly successful and critically acclaimed film adaptation of the book of the same name, Dune hit cinemas around the world late last year. Despite the film being a rather serious sci-fi epic, Oscar Isaac, one of the film’s many stars, revealed during an interview with EW’s The Awardist podcast how much fun the cast and crew had while shooting the film.

“I loved it; we had a lot of fun. We laughed so much.”

So much so, that the actor pulled a hilarious prank onset involving Dune’s director, Denis Villeneuve. In one of the most crucial scenes in Dune, Isaac’s character, Duke Leto Atreides, is taunted by the evil Baron Harkonnen, played by Stellan Skarsgård. During this entire scene, the Duke is completely paralysed and naked.

At one point there were discussions around whether Isaac’s character should be naked; something the actor fought for as he believed it would make his character more vulnerable.

Isaac’s nude scene in Dune. Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

“I was like ‘no, he should be naked, man.’ This is like a Christ on the cross kind of moment”.

Therefore, Isaac had to shoot the scene entirely naked, aside from a “cock sock”; a cloth sock that male actors commonly wear over their genitalia while shooting naked scenes. And here’s where the prank comes into it: after Isaac was done shooting the rather intense scene, he slipped his modesty sock into Villeneuve’s shirt pocket as a joke.

“I did, at one point when Denis wasn’t looking… I may have left my cock sock in his pocket, just so he just had a little bit of me next to him when I left. Just a little hankercheif; just a little, musty handkerchief.”

Isaac’s last words spoken in Dune before his character (spoiler alert) dies are not only perfect for his sacrificial scene in the film but also for the hysterical parting gift he gave to Villeneuve: “Here I am, here I remain”.

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