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Outdoor Balcony Furniture

Men, it’s time we talked about the state of your balcony furniture. Because it’s likely you have none or simply ‘cbf’ doing it properly. Somewhere along the line it became okay to throw a couple of plastic chairs, some stolen milk crates and a table taped to a tattered market umbrella together before calling it an outdoor oasis. 

Well no more. As the line between indoor and outdoor living continues to blur, balcony-appropriate furniture design has exploded and all the big name designers have turned their attention to the outdoor realm.

From super-strong synthetic weaves to timeless timber, the right outdoor furniture can transform a dank and dusty balcony into a serene retreat where you can sit back in style all year round. With a plethora of products flooding the market, it can also be tricky deciding which pieces you’ll want to invest in for your balcony.

Remember the three key elements for a great piece of balcony furniture: Comfort, durability and functionality.

Don’t Forget About Protection

Choose your furniture wisely

Since balcony furniture will spend the majority of its life outside catching rays, it’s important to buy UV stabilised or treated products like wicker. Either way, stay away from the polyester. 

Dried acrylic is a popular choice because of its high resistance to ultra-violet deterioration. Meanwhile, welded aluminium furniture will ward off rust and suits guys who live close to the beach. If you’re lucky enough to have a large, wrap-around type balcony, think about buying an outdoor modular lounge suit.

If you want something a little more up market, consider teak as your material of choice. Even reclaimed teak has seen a massive surge in popularity, and it helps create a rustic and masculine vibe.

To really make a statement with your balcony, mix and match colours and textures. For example, a dark, bronzy, wicker on sandstone pavers will instantly create interest in a boring balcony.

Befriend Outdoor Rugs

Rug up to create a more welcoming space

A good outdoor rug will make your balcony feel more cosy and inviting. Stripes are always on trend and work in masculine settings. Go for a darker colour to hide dirt and grime. Polypropylene is one material kicking goals in the world of balcony furniture thanks to its mould-resistant qualities.

Bring Out The Cushions

Weatherproof those bad boys

Cushions are one aspect of balcony design men often overlook, but a lack of them will make your setting look unfinished. Weatherproof ottomans and beanbags are ideal for smaller balconies and have the added advantage of being light and easy to store away.

Wicked Wicker

Be the wicker man with wicker furniture

Wicker is perhaps the most popular and commonly used material in outdoor furniture. Synthetic wicker is light, comfortable, easy to clean and stylish. Plus, wicker chairs are quite comfortable and don’t require extra throw pillows. Combine with a glass-topped table and some planter boxes, and you’re well on your way to a functional balcony. Hot Tip: Fine weaves will last longer than thicker ones.

Embrace The Good Wood

Wood adds a natural effect to your balcony

Create a warm and casual balcony with wood furniture. Cedar, oak, pine, eucalyptus and teak are all on the cards. The natural appearance of wood is ideal for outdoor settings, and they are extremely low maintenance. In fact, some types of wood – like teak – enjoy natural oils that protect it against rot and decay.

Add Aluminium For Robustness

For a hassle free life outside

Aluminium furniture will turn your balcony into a contemporary and sleek spot. It’s lightweight, resists corrosion, and can survive life outside without so much as a wipe down. For eclectic blocks who refuse to settle for the ordinary, mix and match different materials for a more personalised, interesting vibe. Chairs made with a combination of wood and metal are one particular fave.

Consider Its Fit For Use

Know your intentions before you go on a spending spree

When buying new balcony furniture it’s important to consider what you need from your new pieces. Factors such as what will you need the furniture for (dining, lounging), how many people will need to be accommodated, will the furniture be undercover or exposed to the elements, will determine the type of outdoor furniture that is best for you and ensure its longevity.

Choose wisely and you will have a beautifully furnished outdoor room that will take you from day to night and right through summer to winter, and back again.

Scale For Space

Use what space you have wisely

Scale is another important consideration. Bulky, cumbersome furniture on a small balcony will make the area cramped and unusable, while small pieces on a large balcony will make the space look incomplete.

To ensure your outdoor furniture is the right fit for your space, measure and choose pieces that fill the space correctly, while leaving enough room to move around comfortably.

Select Your Style

Get it right the first time

Style is another consideration in furnishing your balcony. For a cohesive look, ensure the style of your balcony furniture is compatible with your outdoor space. A popular trend is to bring the indoors out – this design seamlessly blends the style of your interior with the balcony and creates the perception of an integrated indoor-outdoor area.

No matter how big or small your balcony is, the right furnishing will allow you to get the most out of the space. So, get creative and have fun your balcony today.

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