20 Things We Loved & Hated About Porsche's $423,000 Panamera Turbo Sport Tourismo

The family wagon for the rich

20 Things We Loved & Hated About Porsche's $423,000 Panamera Turbo Sport Tourismo

We’ve just spent seven days testing the new Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo in Sydney. This is the first incarnation of the Panamera ‘wagon’ variation and part of a well received facelift for the Porsche Panamera range. For the uninitiated the Porsche Panamera is the brand’s answer to a saloon automobile. Four doors, lots of Porsche power and that iconic styling we all love.

From Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach to the Blue Mountains, we put this beautiful (and big) car through its paces. The Panamera costs more than Porsche’s 911 and Cayenne ranges but offers a lot of great features and general driving pleasure to warrant the big price tag. Is it practical? The short answer is yes. It has lots of room but is more suitable to a family with 1 or 2 kids. Any more kids and it’s not the car for you.

From the good and bad, we break down what we loved and what was a miss. Thankfully for the $423,170 (plus on road costs), there’s a lot to love.

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Quick Facts About The Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Tourismo

Official D’Marge Head Turn Rating: 8 out of 10
Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo
0-100: 3.8 seconds
Transmission: 8 Speed PDK
Base Price: AU RRP: $390,700
Model Price: AU$423,170

Optional Extras Fitted:

  • Special Colour Paint “Crayon”
  • 21-inch Exclusive Design wheels painted in high-gloss black
  • Sports Exhaust System with sports tailpipes in high-gloss black
  • Sport Chrono Package including mode switch
  • Tinted LED taillights including light strip
  • Side window trims in high-gloss black USB interface in rear

1. The ‘Crayon’ colour tells everyone you give zero fuchs about resale value… and we respect that. This is the hottest colour on the road at the moment.

A Winter Sydney sunset

People really couldn’t get enough of the colour. We had many positive comments.

2. 400kw [500hp] is far too much power for a family hauler but we can never go back after driving the Turbo variant. FYI – It has more power output than the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.


3. The Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo Is Long… Really really long [5.49m] compared to a BMW 3 Series [4.6m]. It’s also kinda deceptive from the driver’s seat. There’s a higher chance of your mistress destroying the rims at Westfield.

Very long

4. It does 0-100 in 3.8sec – which is astonishingly quick for a wagon. On city roads it’s beautiful to drive but on country roads you hit high speeds deceptively quickly. NSW license point tally TBC.

We recommend holding on

5. It’s wide… very wide, measuring 1.93m. Compared to the Rolls Royce Ghost [1.95m], Audi RS6 Avante [1.88m], BMW 3 Series Touring [1.7m].

A wide read end

6. The Panamera’s headlight design cues from Macan, Cayman and Boxter rather than the classic 911. Thankfully it’s maintains the iconic shape.

The modern Porsche shape

7. The stunning 21” rims fill the wheel arches like they should on a high performance car like this.

Big rims give the dropped appearance

8. The full length rear tail lights look incredible at night. There’s also an adjustable rear spoiler but it’s kinda pointless on a wagon especially in Australia.

“Follow me home”

9. The boot has a truckload of space with the seats folding down a bonus. You would fit some enough ski equipment for the weekend away.


10. The Sunroof aka the ‘Susan Renouf’. One for the back seat passengers and one for the adults in the front.

For front and rear passengers

11. The Panamera has room for four people only. Which is a perfect excuse to not have any more than two children or friends.

Five’s a crowed

Also enough leg room for tall people…

12. The centre console and infotainment system is one of the best on the road. Still feels futuristic but without dumb knobs and wheels. You can change setting while on the move relatively easily.


13. The Porsche navigation and screen is better than your iPhone. We used it exclusively during our 7 day test.

Forget your phone

Never thought those words would come out of my mouth… also we didn’t get a chance to test the Porsche Connect System.

14. There was no head up display. WTF?! For $440,000 we expected it to have that. Even a Toyota Yaris has this.

No speed on the windscreen

15. The Bose sound system is good but it lacked that extra punch. Probably not suitable for Chap Laps (see explanation).

Doof doof

16. You can see interior mood lighting to your personal taste or mood. In my case, I set it to match my ginger hair.

Ambient lighting controls

17. Love how Porsche have stuck with the ‘faux’ turn key start even if you don’t have to insert the key.

Turn me on

Need to keep those old school touches.

18. Unlike the pointless Aston Martin Rapide, the backseats are actually useful and comfortable for long trips.

Get in!

19. We counted no less than 4 USB ports. More than our Macbook Pro. Should be enough to keep the backseat passengers charged.

Apple or Android?

20. My girlfriend only got mildly car sick on our weekend drive. The Porsche Panamera’s drive is one of the smoothest I’ve experienced. Almost as good as the Rolls-Royce.

(Sorry no photo, she was being annoying.)