Panerai Is Hosting A Week Of Talks From The World's Most Accomplished Explorers

Find out what makes them tick.

We’re a good few weeks into the quarantine period that is sweeping the globe right now. The current pandemic has meant we’ve all had to barricade ourselves in our homes and only venture outside for essential travel and tasks.

To help keep you and watch enthusiasts alike entertained, Officine Panerai has called upon its ambassadors to hold a series of various talks within their specialist fields. The Italian Watchmaker has an esteemed history and in previous years, its watches have been supplied to the likes of the Italian Marine Militare (along with compasses and gauges), the Royal Italian Navy and the Egyptian Navy.

Panerai will start proceedings this week, with the theme of ‘Exploring’, and the first talk will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8th.

The talks this week kick off with Mike Horn, a Swiss professional explorer who has been to some of the most remote places on the planet, as well as undertaking multiple-year expeditions without the aid of transport. For example, he travelled around the Earth’s equator by himself in one year, six months, without any motorised transport and along with Norwegian explorer Børge Ousland, travelled to the North Pole in permanent darkness during winter, without the aid of dogs or any motorised transport.

Safe to say he’s up there with the very best, and on the 8th of April at 12pm EDT/6pm CET/2am AEST 9th April, he will be holding a Q&A session, where he will discuss his conquests.

The second talk will take place on Friday, April the 10th and will come from Guillaume Nery. Nery is a now-retired French freediver who holds several AIDA-recognised world records. His TED talk will also take place at 12pm EDT/6pm CET/2am AEST 11th April, which he will use to talk about his “most interesting deep dives and exceptional expeditions in extreme oceans.”

The final talk of the week will come from Marlon Du Toit, a South African wildlife photographer and Safari Guide, who also happens to work for National Geographic. Just a quick look at his Instagram page will provide more than enough proof that he knows how to work a camera when it comes it shooting some of the world’s most dangerous animals, and it’s on his Instagram account where he will “share his wildest photographer experiences.”

This talk will take place on Sunday 12th of April at 12pm EDT/6pm CET/2am AEST Monday 13th of April.

Panerai has already lined up a programme of talks for the following week too, which will revolve around extreme sportsmen, as well featuring “shared interviews with the Paneristi Community.”

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