Marvel Heartthrob Paul Bettany Has Uncovered The Secret To Ageing Gracefully


Marvel Heartthrob Paul Bettany Has Uncovered The Secret To Ageing Gracefully

There are few men alive who possess the same sort of refined suaveness of Paul Bettany.

The 49-year-old English actor – best known for playing the heroic android Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – is kind of like if Benedict Cumberbatch and Henry Cavill were fused together in some superhero plotline. Charming, dapper and with an icy-cold sense of humour that’s quintessentially British, Bettany is also an incredibly underrated style icon.

His secret? His wardrobe. Or more specifically: knowing how to dress without looking like you’re going through a mid-life crisis.

Case in point: the last outfit he shared to Instagram, an impeccable cold-weather fit consisting of a houndstooth-pattern winter jacket, aviator-style glasses and a dark orange beanie (à la David Beckham) because, as he puts it, “it’s still archery and muzzleloader hunting season in Vermont, and while it’s highly unlikely I’ll get shot walking Wallis [his dog] in the woods… it is still 2020 so I’m not rolling the dice.”

He looks great, dressing age-appropriately without trying too hard to do so.


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Bettany manages to pull off what many of his contemporaries fail to: dressing well without taking himself too seriously.

Another aspect of Bettany’s personal style is that it feels very genuine. While he’s a fan of the finer things – having posted about his love of Saint Laurent in the past – Bettany avoids the trap that many celebrities (see: Nicolas Cage) fall into of conspicuous consumption. Dropping bulk cash on an outfit isn’t a silver bullet solution to staying fashionable and Bettany knows this. Here’s some other pointers you can take from the man:

Nothing beats a pair of good frames

Bettany’s always on point in the eyewear department. Many men treat glasses or sunglasses as an afterthought – but as they literally frame your face, having a good pair of frames can make or break your style.

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Bettany’s a fan of the 70s aesthetic, having rocked aviator-style frames on a number of occasions. That said, he’s not afraid to switch things up with browline specs or more classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer-esque looks.


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Casual but classy

Most of his wardrobe is rather traditional but he’s not afraid to pop on a t-shirt or singlet when the need arises. However, he doesn’t let being casual give him an excuse for dressing like a slob.

This is where his ‘frames game’ comes in handy, too – you can get away with a plain or printed t-shirt if you’ve got a stylish accessory like your glasses to zhuzh up your outfit.

He also sticks to age-appropriate footwear when dressing casually. Unless you’re a rapper, it’s hard to get away with wearing Jordans or Yeezys past the age of 40. Take a leaf out of Bettany’s book: stick to classy essentials like canvas plimsolls, Chelsea boots or versatile white sneakers.

Outerwear matters

Bettany is rarely seen without a snappy jacket. He loves a black leather jacket but also chooses clever basics like denim, Harrington jackets and blazers to spice things up. He also sticks to muted colours, leaving the flair to his accessories or shirts.

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Crucially, there’s not a tracksuit jacket in sight. Write that down, men.


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Don’t take yourself too seriously

Whether it’s greeting fans with a sense of genuine appreciation, or occasionally leaving the designer brands in the wardrobe to wear something more comfortable, Bettany doesn’t get caught up in the cult of celebrity.

It’s a valuable lesson. We might not all be Hollywood actors but the key to aging gracefully is letting go of your ego and being comfortable in your own skin. When you think of celebrities or even other men in your life who you can see raging against the ravages of time, it’s usually because there’s insecurity eating away at them – whether that’s sartorially or emotionally.

Refreshingly, Bettany seems devoid of this. Maybe that’s the real key to aging gracefully…

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