Paul Walker's Daughter Actually Sued Porsche For Her Father's Death

The end of a tragic ending.

The untimely and unfortunate passing of Paul Walker back in 2013 shocked countless fans and colleagues from around the world.

The late Paul Walker had a passion for cars beyond the film set

The tragic car accident also left Walker’s only daughter, Meadow Walker, without a father and spurred on a lengthy lawsuit which the now 18-year-old took out against Porsche at the time.

As of yesterday though that law suit has been settled. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Meadow Walker settled with the German sportscar maker on October 16 whilst a separate lawsuit against the company from Walker’s own father had also been settled. The details of both these lawsuits have not been disclosed to the public.

“It’s claimed that the supercar her father died in was known for its “instability issues”

An important point to note though is that Meadow Walker has already received US$10.1 million from the estate of Roger Rhodas, the man who was behind the wheel of the Porsche Carrera GT that went off the road at speed before bursting into flames, taking the life of himself and his passenger, Paul Walker.

The wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche was filed by Meadow Walker back in 2015 and claimed that the supercar her father died in was known for its “instability issues”. On top of that, it also claimed that Walker had initially survived the impact but was trapped inside the burning vehicle by his seatbelt.

A judge dismissed these claims and determined that Porsche was not at fault for the accident.

Whilst it’s a real tragedy to see the loss of such a generous Hollywood actor at the top of his game and respected by so many, the judge did the right thing in waiving Porsche’s involvement in Walker’s death. Quite frankly, if the pair had been driving any other car of the same caliber from a different manufacturer, the result would still be the same.

Reports from the accident indicated that Rhodas was driving the Carrera GT at speeds of 100mph (160km/h) in a 45mph (70km/h) zone before it left the road and hit multiple trees before catching alight.

Whilst both Meadow Walker and Porsche have now officially requested the wrongful death suit to be dropped, the world is left with a sad lesson in driving fast from the man who made us fall in love with fast driving.