Pierce Brosnan Has Mastered The DILF At The Airport Look… Please Take Note

Dad. Cool Dad.

When you’re a retired 007 agent there’s no doubting that you would’ve picked up a few slick style moves along the way.

Daggy dad, meet 007 dad. The father of five naturally doesn’t cut the same athletic figure he once did on the big screen, but that’s to be anticipated – he is 64-years-old after all which is a year shy of Liam Neeson territory.

Brosnan seems to attend airports quite frequently so his choice in wardrobe often falls within the realm of off duty agent complete with Sunspel poloshirt, cotton trousers, brown suede shoes, matching hand luggage and a leather woven belt. And let’s not forget about the immaculately groomed silver fox look that’s always paired with a decent pair of wayfarers or aviators.

And in true dad fashion, Brosnan’s looks are rather pragmatic too. A subtle crew neck worn under a collared shirt will ensure the plane’s air conditioning doesn’t get the most of this retired spy. It might not be overly polished in the style department but that’s the point – Brosnan’s transit style these days is a fine balance between comfort, seasoned father looking after his health and still damn fashionable.  Don’t believe us? Check out the gallery and let us know what you think.

You’ll be hard pressed to find many 64-year-olds who can scrub up this well in the local airport lounge.