How Switching From iPhone To Pixel Made Me A Better Boyfriend

"I sense feelings."

How Switching From iPhone To Pixel Made Me A Better Boyfriend

Have you ever had an argument with your partner, kissed and made up, gone on with your life, only to discover that — days later — their texts are still inextricably cold?

As an iPhone user, whenever I found myself in this situation I would always find myself lobbing ‘witty’ one-liners or casual “everything’s normal” texts at this void of passive aggression, either not realising something was still wrong — or simply not believing I needed to apologise again.

Upon switching to Android, however, I discovered a little known (to Apple fanboi’s like myself anyway) feature exists which has turned out to be a date-night saver — the auto-reply suggestions which pop up at the bottom of your phone screen when texting.

Before you write this off as a glib attack on men’s stereotypical inability to express their emotions, hear me out.

I know how to apologise; I just don’t know when. And although I like to think I appreciate my partner as much as I should do, we can all do with a little reminder every now and then.

Which is why Android’s auto-reply suggestions have been so helpful — and not just for me. As the D’Marge editor recently discovered, this auto-reply feature, even if you don’t use it as intended, can be a get out of jail free card for any argument you might be having with your partner.

While the situation in the photo above may look dire, after sending a screenshot of Android’s injunction to apologise to his partner, the D’Marge editor says the mood lightened and everything turned out ok.

“You have three options: apologise, apologise or apologise.”

And it’s not just arguments. This feature has helped me out too, by prompting me to check in with my partner more often, and even providing the conversation starters…

So — while there are many aspects of being a boyfriend technology cannot (yet) replace, this one is definitely worth checking out because — even if you consider yourself in tune with your partner’s emotions — it’s always good to have a helping hand.

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