'Internationally Adored' Delivery Driver Reveals What Woman Lust After Most

"Thic thic thic thic thic thic thic."

Bring a girl flowers and she might crack a smile. Bring her food and she will love you forever. At least, that’s the message George Davey, the latest man to go viral for being attractive, recently received in lacy underwear Twitch (a streaming platform) and social media comments.

Forget the trope that women find crime sexy (as inmate turned male model Jeremy Meeks proved in 2014). And forget the insulting stereotype that women can forgive the crimes of a serial killer if he looks like (or is played by) Zach Effron.


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Because—although everyone has their own kinks—this latest saga proves the one trait that women all agree upon: it’s hot when a guy brings you food.

But how did this mass exodus from Tinder to Menulog come about?

As reported by The Daily Mail, the story goes like this: George was working as a food delivery courier for Menulog, when he received an order from a famous female gamer.

However, as Kathleen (or ‘Loserfruit’ as her online avatar is known) was live-streaming her gaming session to millions of followers, when she took a break to receive her KFC, they all got a good look at George.

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Suffice to say: they liked what they saw.

“George is finger licking good,” one commented.

“He is handsome”, said another.

“Thic thic thic thic thic thic thic thic thic,” announced another.

“Marry me, George,” the lustful remarks continued, as the Twitch feed (the live streaming service) descended into chaos, with some users warning others to stop being “so vulgar.”

According to The Daily Mail, “Kathleen, who has been gaming online since she was 13 and has over 1.5 million followers watching her play Fortnite and Call of Duty daily, was astounded by the reaction.”

From eggplant emojis to heart eyes, the compliments came from all directions (and countries). The only question now is: will it continue over to Instagram?


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As for George: “I had no idea that I would actually make an appearance on Loserfruit’s live streaming video but it ended up being a really exciting and fun experience,” he later told The Daily Mail.

He then said that although customers are generally happy to see him, he had assumed it was because of the food.

“This is the first time I have been shared on social media so I haven’t ever had attention like this before.”

As it was his first time in the spotlight, George admitted that he was mildly embarrassed for his family and friends to find out about the experience: “They think all the attention is going to go to my head but I think it’s just all a bit of fun,” (The Daily Mail).


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“I’ve had a lot of comments about being the next Bachelor so yes, I’m single.”

On a serious note: George’s story proves something important: being charming and heartwarming is more attractive than being a stone cold stunner. Also: being humble doesn’t hurt, so full props for that, George.

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