Man Who Found Pornhub Loophole Makes A Living Posting “Wholesome” Videos


Man Who Found Pornhub Loophole Makes A Living Posting “Wholesome” Videos

“Non-sexual” and “safe for work” are the last expressions you expect to see on Pornhub. But if one man’s quest to make the internet laugh (and make a living while he’s at it) continues along its upward trajectory then they may become more and more common.

Ryan Creamer is a 26-year-old comic and writer for College Humour, who last year began recording himself (fully clothed) performing “wholesome” acts, like “I Deliver You A Pizza & Don’t Put My Weiner In It” and “I Hug You & Say I Had A Really Good Time Tonight” and surreptitiously uploading them to Pornhub.

As he—sheepishly—revealed to Buzzfeed News, the channel started late one evening when he was browsing Pornhub for porn. He then happened to notice a “Work for Us” option at the bottom of the page.

“I clicked and learned anyone can get verified. You just submit a picture of your face with a piece of paper with your name on it,” Creamer told Buzzfeed. “Once they verify who you are, they verify your account, and then I posted my first video.”

His first upload, “I Tuck You in After You Have Cum,” features Creamer doing just that—no irony, no sexy twist, no kinks. And unless you have a secret fetish for a big, jolly smile and being kissed goodnight, the video is 100% safe for work.

Creamer then posted the video to Reddit, a popular internet forum, where people’s interest exceeded his wildest expectations: “It was not really pre-planned. I had an idea for the first video…that was the only idea that I had… Within a couple days, it got big,” (Buzzfeed).

He then made a bunch more, including “I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances but Am Flattered Nonetheless,” “I Ride in a Taxi and Don’t Have Sex With the Driver,” and “POV FOREHEAD KISS COMPILATION,” some of which have hundreds of thousands of views.

But now for the real question: does he really make money out of it? Well, as Ryan yesterday revealed on Reddit, Pornhub’s ad revenue system is working out “pretty good” for him. How good exactly? Well, according to him, good enough to make a living (i.e. more than most comedians).

“I paid rent with it last month,” he wrote on his Reddit thread, “But (I) don’t think that is something that will happen all the time.”

While Creamer initially worried some of the porn community would be offended, he told Buzzfeed real porn stars and sex industry workers have given him positive feedback; “Every person who works in the porn and sex industry has been kind to me, which is really, really cool.”

“It can come across like I’m making fun of sex workers, but everyone who is in this industry has been so, so nice. That’s made me feel really good.”

While Creamer admits that his initial motivation was to have a bit of a laugh and maybe advance his comedy career, he told Buzzfeed that after getting such positive feedback from avid porn users, he’s motivated to make more videos.

“It’s a duo feeling, like I am hoping it leads to opportunities, but additionally, it’s making people feel good.”

As for Pornhub, how do they feel about the potential de-sexualisation of their site? According to a spokesperson for the company, they welcome “content creators of all types,” and Mr. Creamer’s is no exception.

“Ryan’s content has been very well received by our community and we encourage artists and creators alike to consider our platform to get their work out into the world.”