Porsche Breaks Guinness Towing Record With An Airbus A380

Putting the fun back in Airbus towing.


Who said SUVs were no fun?

Besides hauling around dead weight like the groceries and kids on the daily, the Germans are proving that an SUV can also help drivers reverse an Airbus A380 out of a garage. That’s the Porsche way of thinking, anyway.

In breaking the Guinness World Record for the ‘Heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car’, Porsche teamed up with Air France to tow one of their 285 tonne aircrafts over a total distance of 42 metres. The car they used? A standard Cayenne S Diesel. This outrageous feat trumps the previous record by quite a margin of 115 tonnes and is even more surprising when the car’s spec sheet rates the maximum towing capacity at 3,500kg. Still, we don’t recommend you try tugging an Airbus to your next fishing trip since 42 metres and 42km is quite a difference in distance.

See how it’s all done in the video above which highlights the only modification as a custom towing rig that attaches the car to the plane. And when you’re done with that, find out what it’s like to work at Porsche HQ.