You'll Cry Over How Much Profit Porsche Makes In A Day

Just a tad bit more than your annual salary.

Look at your bank account. Happy? You should be, but not Porsche levels of happy. That’s because we’re about to tell you how much the sports car company makes in profit.

As reported by Car Buzz, the legendary Stuttgart marque that came perilously close to serious financial hardship during the early 90s is today one of the industry’s most respected names and fiercest Nurburgring contenders.

Thanks to their continual focus on keeping all Porsches old and new on the road, the German company has been able to see staggering figures well into the green.

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In 2017 it was reported by CNBC that Porsche earned more than US$4.82 billion before tax at a November 8 exchange rate. Break that figure down and it equates to about US$153 per second.

And according to our questionable maths skills acquired from our engineering degree, that equates to about US$9,176 per minute, US$550,595 per hour, US$13.2 million a day and US$92.8 million a week.

Total revenue during the 2017 financial period? More than US$26.85 billion or something in the order of US$73.3 million per day.

Now in case you’re reluctant to line the pockets of Porsche any longer, we suggest you take a look at the resale value of some of the brand’s most sought after cars. Like this AU$3,000,000 918 Spyder that recently went on sale in Australia. Or maybe this Carrera GT which you can still buy right now for over AU$1.5 million.