Post Malone Makes Mind-Boggling Admission On The Howard Stern Show

"I write all my songs on the can."

Post Malone Makes Mind-Boggling Admission On The Howard Stern Show

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Post Malone has revealed that he writes his music when he’s on the toilet.

Post Malone is one of the best-selling artists of our time. Plus, his music is critically acclaimed too; the rapper/singer/songwriter has been nominated for six Grammys including two nominations for the prestigious Album of the Year Grammy, first in 2019 for Beerbongs & Bentleys and then again in 2021 for Hollywood’s Bleeding. Seriously speaking: his music’s good.

But as it turns out, it gets written in a ‘bad’ place. That’s right: Malone doesn’t write most of his music in a studio or in his living room like most other artists do. No, Malone writes his music in the bathroom; more specifically, while he’s on the toilet.

On a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show, Malone discussed that he enjoyed playing the game Apex Legends and Stern asked, “I imagine when you’re playing Apex Legends, sh*t comes to you, right? Like, all of a sudden you’ll start hearing music in your head?”

Malone interjected and said,

“Nah, sh*t literally comes to me because I write all my songs on the can.”

Post Malone

WATCH: Post Malone talks about writing music while on the toilet.

Stern was obviously fascinated, and asked which songs Malone’s written while “sh*tting”. Malone corrected himself and clarified that he doesn’t write all of his songs on the toilet, but he does write a fair few of them while doing his business…

“I’d say about thirty per cent of all my albums have been written on the sh*tter. And I’d say… sixty per cent of lyrics have been written on the sh*tter.”

Post Malone

Malone goes on to say that he spends about an hour and a half on the toilet and it’s his “special zone”.

“No one wants to come talk to you while you’re taking a sh*t. No one wants to come and talk to you, no one! I don’t care who it is… I wouldn’t say it’s a hideaway as much as it’s an oasis.”

Post Malone

Perhaps that’s the key to success. Rather than playing Candy Crush or scrolling through social media while on the toilet – admit it, we all do it – we should instead be using that time to be more productive…

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