See The Wild Street Art From Pow! Wow! Long Beach 2016

Street Art

The annual Pow! Wow! art festival continues to capture the imagination of the world with its dazzling display of innovative street art.

This time it was California’s Long Beach which received hosting honours, using the opportunity to show off some of the finest murals from a panel of international artists.

The week-long festival first kicked off in Hawaii in 2015 and has grown significantly in just a year, attracting large scale  work features and artist talks from people such as Sean “Hula” Yoro, Felipe Pantone, Andrew Hem, Sean “Hula” Yoro, and Cinta Vidal Agulló amongst many more.

The event marked a fine occasion for Pow! Wow! Long Beach to spawn other like-minded events including a new exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Vitality & Verve: In The Third Dimension. The spin-off focuses more on multimedia art and creativity in the digital space.

Keen to make your way next year? Head on over to Pow! Wow! to find out which city they’ll be hitting next along with the artists involved. For something a little closer to home, check out the eight places where to find Australia’s best street art.