New Way For Australians To Sell Prestige Cars Could Be A Lockdown Winner

Avoid 'used car dealer' slime.

New Way For Australians To Sell Prestige Cars Could Be A Lockdown Winner

Picture this: you’ve got a luxury car you no longer need, and you’ve arranged a meeting with a dealer. He turns up with a head full of hair gel, teeth creepily white, and with a flashy gold Patek Philippe that you’re pretty sure is fake.

What’s worse: that he thinks fake watches are cool, or that he’s a cashed-up slimebag who’s ripped off enough people to afford a Patek?

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Yes, selling your car is always a pain, particularly if your car is rare or prestigious. Sell it yourself, and deal with an endless parade of tire-kickers and lowballers. Sell to a dealer, and potentially get hustled on top of the sting of depreciation. It’s a minefield.

Thankfully, one Aussie company has stepped up and offered a compelling alternative that not only saves you time but saves your wallet too.


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Summon is a new service designed to help you sell your prestige car with a minimum of fuss. It’s the perfect middle ground between working with a dealer and selling it yourself, although it’s arguably even easier than both options.

After appraising the car, they collect the car from you, clean it and take professional photos that will attract the right buyers, and return the car to you the same day. Then, they list it on all the main online car classifieds (e.g. Carsales, Drive, Autotrader etc.) and keep you up to speed with any inquiries. When it comes to test drives, they even vet potential buyers over Zoom before they let them in a car, as well as disinfect your car before and after.

It’s a gamechanger, particularly right now when The Bat Kiss still looms large. As a buyer, you don’t want to be traipsing out to car dealerships or dealing with randoms online right now, and as a seller, Summon means you don’t even have to leave your house to sell your motor.

They’re also developing an app that’ll let you track test drives as well as update you on interest in your listings – another handy innovation.

Head to the Summon website to check out what cars they’ve got in stock right now.

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