Jacob Behney Reveals What It’s Like Trying To Survive In Prison

"I go walk past his cell, and just 'smack!'"

Jacob Behney Reveals What It’s Like Trying To Survive In Prison

A guest on Joe Rogan‘s podcast has shared the interesting but terrible encounter he experienced while in prison as a first-time offender

Prison is a place many of us hope to never end up in. The loss of freedom, being shoved into an overcrowded cell and the violence; it sounds unbearable. But going to prison may be worse than we think, as highlighted by an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Host Joe Rogan asked his guest Bobby Green, a professional mixed martial artist and current UFC competitor, about prison, as Green served a ninety-day sentence years ago.

But Green invited his adopted father and UFC coach, Jacob Behney, to share his experience in prison as a first-time offender instead – and Behney’s story is truly eye-opening and horrific.

Essentially, Behney describes that in prison, it’s an unspoken rule that people of different races can’t interact with each other. However, he was unaware of this rule when he first went to prison, and it almost got him killed.

“I don’t know anything, you know, and this black guy is yelling… ‘Anybody want to learn how to play chess? Anybody want to learn how to play chess?’, you know, I was like, ‘hell yeah I want to learn how to play chess’, right?”

Jacob Behney

“So, I walk over, I sit down with this fool and he starts showing me how to play chess but it’s a black guy, at a black guy table and I’m a white guy; so now I just sat down at this black guy table and all the woods and all the skinheads [prison slang for white inmates] in there, they’re like now against me. But I didn’t know; I had no idea.”

“So now my cell pops, and I go to walk to the shower and I walk past the other cell that pops, which is another skinhead in that room, and I go walk past his cell and just, ‘smack!’”

Jacob Behney

At this point, Behney mimes a punch and then talks about the fight he had with this “skinhead” who he describes as having a Swastika tattooed on his forehead. As Behney has experience in combat – he’s not only Green’s UFC coach but is also a Jiu-Jitsu instructor and MMA coach too – he was able to fight off his attacker.

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But this led to a bigger issue. After this fight, the Swastika tattooed man organised for two guys to kill Behney. Luckily, Behney had a good relationship with the man who was in the cell next to his – not the man who he shared a cell with – and was warned minutes before the attack.

“He’s like ‘they’re gonna come and get you when this door pops. You’re gonna pop this door, you’re gonna go to shower and they’re going to send some guys to come and get you.”

Jacob Behney

“My [cellmate] he knows already; he didn’t tell me. In order for that to go down, they have to tell your celly so your celly can stay out of the f***ing way. So, he knows about it, he’s known about it…”

“So, door pops, my celly takes off running out of the cell. So, I just post it up at the back of the cell, just waiting, you know? And sure as ****, two guys come flying in. One guy flying in and trying to stab me and then we’re f***ing scrapping, rapping all over the place.”

“Fall out of the cell, we’re up the stairs, [I] f***ing push the guy down the stairs, we fall down the stairs; I’m tired as f***. Like, fighting two guys, I’m tired, I’m lumped up a little bit, and I look over this way, and I’m barely breathing, look over this way and all the f***ing cops [are] just watching. They’re just watching.”

Jacob Behney

“So, this other guy comes over, he’s kicking, kicking, I grab the other guy, drag him on top of men and I’m just choking him, you know, like trying to use him to deflect this guy from getting at me. And then [I] realise, this guy’s out, he’s not even awake. [So, I] push him off me and now it’s just me and this guy, and everybody in the cells watching and all the cops watching. So, I just tear this f***ing guy’s ass up.”

“We leave, and this guy never got up, the guy I was choking; [he] never got up. Just eyes full of blood, right? So, they send me to another cell block, I go in there for a couple days. Guard comes in, ‘we’re going to move you to the gymnasium’. So they move me to the gymnasium, so now I’m out of the cell block, I’m in a gym with 300 guys, can walk around, I get yard access, all this stuff, right? And the cop says, ‘I really appreciate what you did for us out there’. He’s like, ‘That was pretty f***ing amazing’ and I’m just thinking to myself like, I want to get the f*** out of here.”

It’s incredibly disturbing that something as simple as interacting with people of another race can get you killed in prison, as well as Behney’s claim that prison guards do absolutely nothing to stop prisoners from fighting one another. If anything, Behney’s interesting story just reaffirms that most of us should hope to never experience prison life; especially as most of us are not trained fighters, meaning most of us wouldn’t survive the attack Behney faced.

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