Push-Up Challenge Could Give You Arms Like A Navy SEAL

"It is a simple 30 push-up workout that’s not so simple."

Push-Up Challenge Could Give You Arms Like A Navy SEAL

Image Credit: @davidgoggins

We all know someone who does push-ups every morning to keep themselves strong. But we’d wager you don’t know anyone who does the kind of push-up workout David Goggins just shared on Instagram

Goggins, a retired navy SEAL and ultra-endurance athlete is known for his extreme dedication, workout motivation, and tough love attitude to fitness. His favourite slogans are “get hard” and “who’s going to carry the boats?” (a reference to his time in SEAL training) and he notoriously despises an attitude of slacking off. He has previously called out an NBA player for not training hard enough at the gym, for example.

What Goggins admires, however, are people who put their money where their mouth is. People like Russian workout fiend @ingvarvoitenko. On that note: Goggins recently shared a push-up workout that will take you to your very limits, which he says was designed by @ingvarvoitenko.

Video: David Goggins Completes Intense 30 Push Up Challenge

Speaking to his 4.6 million followers, Goggins wrote: “It is a simple 30 push-up workout that’s not so simple. You follow the words in the song as to when to go up and down. If you can’t hear the song well, just follow me.”

He then left directions for the exercise, which we have included below. 


1. You have to keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle, they can’t be pinned against your side (which helps you hold the plank position – you can’t do that here, all the weight needs to be supported by your arms).

2. You can not touch the deck with your chest but you must go down to a 90 degree angle.

3. When you come up, you come all the way up with elbows locked out.

4. Don’t raise your butt or sway your back.

5. And, go until the song ends which lasts for 30 push-ups.

6. For those who are just starting out and want a variation of this, have the same form as above but try it on your knees.

Goggins finished by writing: “After your 30th push-up, don’t think you are done because you will have to hold your position there for a few more seconds.”

“This is a good way to start your day! Stay hard!”

It’s not one we’ll be trying in any hurry. But if you’re after a sweat session to take you to your limits, it seems a good pick.

Who knows – it could even endow you with military-looking arms, with Instagram commenters like Tyrell Dingo, whose Instagram profile says: “US Army” commenting: “We did this in Basic Training for a workout.”

If you’d like to smash the rest of your body, too, you can apply this workout technique to all sorts of things, like planks, air squats, dumbbell shoulder presses and more.

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