New $250,000 Range Rover ‘Decapitation’ Is An Automotive Horror Story

Revheads, look away now...

New $250,000 Range Rover ‘Decapitation’ Is An Automotive Horror Story

There are car accidents, and then there’s total car destruction… And this poor Range Rover was definitely the victim of the latter.

A delivery of brand-new Range Rover Vogues in New Jersey earlier this year ended in tragedy after one of the pricey US$250,000+ luxury SUVs came loose from its car transporter, causing a multi-car accident and several thousands of dollars in damage.

While no news sources have come out and said it, we reckon the transporter tried to go under a bridge that was too low – decapitating the topmost Range Rover, causing it to tumble from the transporter. How else could it have happened? The car then smashed into a Honda Accord (totalling it in the process) before coming to a rest in the middle of the highway.

At a time when vehicle delivery times around the globe have never been longer, we really feel for the devastated owner who had to receive the unfortunate phone call that their car was destroyed before even making it to the dealer’s lot.

WATCH: check out the ‘decapitated’ Range Rover in the video below

“Could you imagine how devastated you would be seeing your new Vogue looking like this after it falling off the transporter truck and having waited 2 years for it?” Ian Davies, Director of Prestige Connex says.

“If it were me, devastated would be an understatement – to put it mildly!”

What makes the situation even more unfortunate was that the transporter it came off of was carrying five identical Range Rovers in the same exact colour, seemingly with the same exact specifications – none of which were damaged. Road & Track speculates the transporter was likely on its way to Jaguar Land Rover’s headquarters, just up the road in Mahwah, New Jersey.

We would have liked to be in the room when the transporter driver had to explain this one…

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