Rappers Anger Car Fans Everywhere With Brutal Rolls-Royce Stunt


Rappers Anger Car Fans Everywhere With Brutal Rolls-Royce Stunt

Image: @metroboomin

Rappers and Rolls-Royces go together like apple pie and ice cream. The British luxury carmaker is one of the hip-hop world’s most beloved brands: not only is it namedropped in countless tracks, but many of the world’s most successful wordsmiths – from 50 Cent to Drake – own a Rolls. Some of them even own multiple.

Unlike some other luxury brands, Rolls-Royce is appreciative of the love the hip-hop world shows them: indeed, a company spokesman told Bloomberg in 2017 that “we make no judgments… we want to be connected to success.” But we doubt they’d be so magnanimous if they saw what one rapper’s just done to one of their cars.

Young Thug, a Grammy-winning iconoclast known for his offbeat musical style and taste in fashion, has trashed his Rolls-Royce Wraith in public as part of a publicity stunt promoting his upcoming second studio album, Punk. Thugger, alongside fellow artists Gunna and Metro Boomin, truly went to town on the half a million-dollar car, drawing a huge crowd in the process – smashing it with baseball bats, vandalising it with spray paint, and tearing off the famous Spirit of Ecstacy hood ornament.

It’s a truly uncomfortable video for any car lover (or minimum wage earner) to watch… But here it is below.

At the end of the day, it’s his car, so he can do whatever he wants with it. But we’d be lying if we didn’t think this was a bit of a senseless waste. Still, we’re writing about it.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time some big-name rappers have trashed an ultra-expensive luxury car to promote an album. Jay-Z and Kanye West famously took an angle grinder to a Maybach 57, chopping it up and then hooning around in it in the music video for their 2011 single Otis, in order to hype up their collaborative album, Watch The Throne.

Afterwards, that Maybach was put up for auction, and the proceeds donated toward the East African Drought Disaster. Hopefully Young Thug does something similar, or at the very least, gets it repaired. We’d love to see the look on the smash repairer’s face as that thing rolled into the shop…

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