Studies Show That Reading Can Increase Your Lifespan


Well aren’t you on a good start already. A new study from the Social Science and Medicine journal has indicated that those who read more tend to live longer compared to those who don’t.

The comprehensive study took into account the health of 3,635 subjects over the age of 60, with Yale University School of Public Health researchers uncovering interesting results via three split groups: People who read a maximum of three and a half hours per week, people who read more than that, and those who didn’t read at all.

These three groups were further broken down via age, gender, education status and income. From these stats, the researchers were able to pinpoint reading activity as the sole reason that could be leading humans to a longer life.

Audaciously, the results found that participants who read more than the set three and a half hours per week were 23 percent less likely to die compared to those who didn’t read at all. For those playing at home that’s an extra two years added to your ticker just from the act of being a bookworm. More intriguingly, the journal also found that reading from books, magazines and newspapers were main drivers of the fountain of youth.

If the research is to be believed, it would appear that expanding one’s intellectual scope is also a driver for broadening the expiry date. Get a head start on the best books for men this month. Just don’t be crossing roads whilst reading otherwise this whole study will be debunked.

[via Good]