35 Examples Of Eye-Popping Red Interior Design

Red Interior Design

Daring and bold, red commands attention and stimulates the senses. At its best, it’s the colour of passion, romance, and glamour. At its worse, it’s a shade we associate with anger and aggression.

So how do you embrace red interior design without seeing red?

First, consider the shade. A vibrant scarlet is invigorating. A subdued wine hue is sophisticated. An earthen red is rustic and inviting. What feeling do you want to create in the room?

Second, consider the intensity. Red walls are a dramatic statement that will spice up some spaces and overpower others. An accent wall can be used to incorporate the colour without overwhelming the eyes. If paint isn’t the cards at all, bring red in via décor and furniture. A sofa, a rug, curtains, throw pillows, blankets, light fixtures, art – any design element is an opportunity to introduce a loud colour in a more muted way.

Finally, consider your style. If you’re inclined towards contemporary interiors, blend neutral elements with bright red. If you prefer traditional interiors, burgundies and other rich tones are better suited. In all cases, it’s a colour to wield with care. Red should entice and intrigue, not irritate.

Flip through the gallery of red interior design inspiration above to see how the pros get it done.