How To Banish Man Stink From Your Home For Good

Impress your guests and dates with a good sense of smell.

Women seem to have a keener sense of smell than men, and some are in possession of olfactory prowess that seems almost superhuman. That lingering scent of potato salad you spilt on your bed two years ago? She can smell it.

Guys, it’s time to clean up your act and rid that man stink for good.

Clean Up Your Act

On your feet, soldier

The best way to avoid funky smells and mysterious scents wafting through the house is to keep it clean at all times.

No more last minute power-cleaning before the folks come around, or hiding a mountain of dirty dishes in a cupboard before your partner arrives. It’s obvious, especially if you go overboard with the air freshener or bleach.

Bros are good at surface cleaning, but look a little closer, or move a book that’s been sitting in place for months, and the dusty, dirty truth reveals itself.

Scientists have even suggested that male dominated households are 15 times germier than ones inhabited by ladies. And germs aren’t just bad for your health, they smell rotten too. To truly eliminate bad smells you have to clean thoroughly.

So slap on the plastic gloves, buy a new toilet brush and spruce up the whole pad. Take out rubbish every day, and don’t leave a weeks worth of dirty socks sitting in your hamper. Do the laundry every couple of days and change your sheets every fortnight.

Vacuum at least once a week and mop floorboards or tiles every fortnight, or more often if you have the time. As well as the floors, be sure to dust and wipe down all your flat surfaces – tables, the top of your TV, shelves, benchtops and so on.

Make disinfectant your new best friend and change your cat’s litter box daily if it is kept indoors. Dog owners should wash their pooches regularly to keep ‘dog smell’ at bay.

Make Your Living Space Smell Awesome

Once you have a clean slate, you can do more than get rid of foul smells, you can encourage inviting ones.

Electronic Diffusers

Easier than candles

Electronic oil diffusers are very popular at the moment, and their waxy counterpart – the candle – isn’t happy about it.

Encroaching on the candles domination of the market, oil diffusers last longer, pose less of a fire risk and are more versatile in terms of scent. Most diffusers only demand a drop or two of oil in water, which is poured into the diffuser and then turned on. Simples.


Though candles add ambience to any space

Create ambiance and banish curious smells with candles. Steer clear of dollar-shop varieties because they tend to smell offensively artificial. Instead, try better quality (soy candles are great) manly scents like vanilla and cinnamon.

Citrus is also a winner, and welcomes a sense of spring into the home without overpowering the atmosphere. Australian company The Raconteur boasts some very cool and masculine  scents across its ‘Bondi’ range which we highly recommend. Whichever scent you choose, don’t go overboard and never forget to blow them out before you leave the house or hit the hay.

Warning: Don’t use candles and excessive amounts of air freshener to mask bad smells; this is the same as spraying Lynx on two-day old armpits; you’re not fooling anyone.

Reed Diffusers

Care-free scents

Reed diffusers are a set-and-forget alternative to candles and electronic oil diffusers. These bad boys don’t need any tending, aside from occasionally flipping the reeds, and they provide a more subtle, long-lasting aroma.

Greenhouse Interiors make some of our favourite diffusers that were specifically designed with dudes in mind.

Dryer Sheets

An age-old trick

Dryer sheets are good for more than just your laundry. For years they’ve been used to mask the smell of illicit substances smoked inside the family home, and today they’re being used to mask more than smoke.

Place a couple in each bedroom drawer, one in the hamper, and sneakily stuff them in random corners for that freshly washed smell all day long.

Charcoal Air Freshener

Charcoal isn’t just good for cooking

We’re not big fans of ordinary air fresheners. They might mask smells, but not completely. Charcoal based products are far more effective as they neutralise, rather than mingle with, odours.

Pop a few in your closet and sock draw to keep enclosed spaces fresh as daisies. Try Eco Allure’s Bamboo Charcoal air fresheners to smell the results yourself.