Rezvani Shows What Happens When You Throw $150,000 Into A Jeep

Tank in name, beast in nature.

A civilian tank is what happens. American high performance tuner and boutique automaker Rezvani have a reputation for creating radical rides and their latest effort is no different.

Looking like something straight out of your Matchbox childhood dreams and a military convoy, the Rezvani Tank is the company’s latest SUV to wear their signature design – big angular guards, big vents and raised suspension paired with serious off-road tyres. Zombie apocalypse vehicle status – achieved.

What’s even more surprising though is that the Rezvani Tank, which starts at a cool US$178,000, is actually based off a current generation US$30,000 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. As such, the Tank inherits the dash and door panels directly from the donor car. From there the car’s hardware is beefed up with the Wrangler’s V6 making way for a bigger 500hp 6.4-litre V8 inherited from FCA. Tank’s running gear is sorted with with off-road capable solid axles and selectable four-wheel-drive.

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Getting into the Rezvani is accomplished via rear suicide doors which are powered so that passengers don’t need to use their arms. For the driver there’s a head-up display which can relay everything from standard car vitals to the outrageous like an exterior view via night vision camera.

With Rezvani adding ballistic armour as an option on the car, one can safely assume that this is probably a vehicle for those with lots of money and a target on their back. Like Trump or Batman.