Ribs & Burgers: Sydney's Home Of Boutique Casual Dining

Ribs & Burgers

Pop quiz hotshot: It’s a dreary Friday night and your friends have nowhere to go for dinner (because guys don’t plan ahead, obviously). What do you do? Well in this instance, you follow that succulent smell of barbecue straight to Ribs & Burgers for a hearty hit of succulent grilled meats.

With an extensive number of eateries littered across Sydney, you’ll be hard-pressed not to stumble across one whether you’re in town or out in the suburbs.

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As we discovered at a recent rib degustation for Ribs & Burgers, it’s not just convenience that brings the crowds through the doors. Their menu serves up some of the most succulent ribs of the beef, pork and lamb variety which can take up to eight hours to cook. The beef and lamb is prepared in a dry rub whilst the pork is prepared in a wet sauce in order to specifically enhance each meat’s flavour the way they were intended.

Paired with intricately blended sauces such as a 40-year-old secret lemon and herb basting and lathered in their thick signature BBQ sauce, the result is tender cuts of meat that melt in your mouth every single time. If you’re a chicken fan, you’ll also be glad to hear that Ribs & Burgers haven’t neglected you with a 24-hour marinating process designated to all their poultry dishes.

Given the amount of food that we were able to sample, it’s good to know that it’s a guilt free pleasure when eating at this particular destination. All of their meats are grass fed and hormone-free whilst the ribs and burgers themselves are hand prepared before they hit the heat. Think of it like artisans running your local hamburger shop and you’re almost there – if it weren’t for the cool vintage fit out which takes after a classic butcher shop and bistro diner.

One other little fact that sets Ribs & Burgers apart from the run of the mill grill eatery is of course the range of craft beers to go with your meal. Little Creatures, James Squire, White Rabbit and Pipsqueak are just some of the more unique beverages amongst established favourites like Corona and Heineken.

Overall the meat and beer paring provided a unique dining experience to what would normally be a straight forward affair. Now we just have to find some friends.

D’Marge writer Mike Huynh dined as a guest of Ribs & Burgers.