Rimowa Opens First Ever Concept Store


Luxury luggage maker Rimowa has just opened the doors to its first ever concept store in the high fashion precinct of London’s Old and New Bond Street.

The new 220 square-metre space draws inspiration from the aviation world and comes complete with a vintage propeller blade as well as arching aluminium sheets to mimic the aeroplanes of old. The internal space is modelled off a plane’s cargo area with the luggage display taking prime seating positions.

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Walk on through to the fuselage and guests will be greeted with a replica of the ‘Junkers F13’ aeroplane by Rimowa – the world’s first all metal aeroplane that was built in 1919. The significance of this plane comes in its construction which uses a light and strong alloy called Duralumin. The metal is the same material that Rimowa used to make its first suitcase.

Rimowa’s CEO Dieter Morszeck said that, “there has been such demand for Rimowa in London that I have wanted to open a flagship on New Bond Street for a long time”.

The launch also coincides with Rimowa latest ‘Electronic Tag’ system which allows one’s luggage to be checked in from home with a smartphone.