‘One Of A Kind’ R.M. Williams Send Australia’s Concrete Cowboys Into A Spin

Designed for clomping from the espresso bar to your road bike, and nothing else, these are the ultimate RM Williams for Australian cyclists.

What do you get when you cross a farmer, a hipster and a road biker? Wonder no more; the answer just fell from heaven.

Well, ‘heaven.’ More like a Sydney road bikers’ sell and exchange group on Facebook. But rather than the usual sweaty shammies and ill-sized derailleurs, the group was recently met with an even more indecent proposition.

That’s right: one ambitious Facebook user has uploaded an offer that has got thumbs furiously typing, and fingers carefully sliding across the ‘like’ and ‘angry face’ emojis straight over to that ‘lmao’ icon.

That offer? Some truly one of a kind R.M. Williams.

These R.M Williams are not designed for walking all over you. Nor are they designed for walking anywhere, really. They’re made for clomping from the espresso bar to your road bike, and nothing else.

“A truely unique offering for the concrete cowboys who wanted to clip in in style,” the photo is captioned. “If a 15k bike isn’t enough of a status symbol, you’ll [sic] can stand out from the crowd with these custom RM WIllian comfort craftsman with a carbon reinforced sole, hidden boa dial and competitive 550g weight for the set…”

All for the cool price of $499, of course.

Image: Facebook Marketplace

The post has received 159 ‘reactions’ and 128 comments at the time of writing, with users debating both the stylistic and practical merits of this remarkable piece of customised footwear.

The post does have a tinge of irony about it, and DMARGE has contacted the poster for more information. But in the meantime, given some of the crazy food and fashion trends coming out of Australia, for now we’re letting our imaginations run wild with possibilities.

And there you were thinking road bike fashion couldn’t get any worse…

On the other hand: much like this trailblazing Australian weatherman’s inspirational take on ‘R.M. Williams and a suit,’ which made headlines last year, in a sense you have to admire the sheer ingenuity of it (if it’s real).

In other news, the man bun for the foot appears to be going from strength to strength in 2021, too.

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