Robert Pattinson's Latest Suit Requires Sexy Man Legs

"What are those???"

Robert Pattinson's Latest Suit Requires Sexy Man Legs

When men are encouraged to show more skin in public, this probably isn’t the way most were thinking.

Robert Pattinson earlier this week stepped out in a double breasted black suit and baggy short combo for the New York premiere of High Life. Whilst the focus was on the film’s stars, it was hard not to notice Pattinson’s hairy legs and pulled up socks, a look reminiscent of a kilt only this wasn’t a skirt – this was Dior Men’s 2019 collection by designer Kim Jones.

Pattinson is no stranger to wearing edgy and borderline odd formal wear to events (he once stole a kid’s jacket for the red carpet). This latest look is probably his most audacious one yet which sees the Bermuda shorts paired with crocodile derby shoes complete with neon-white soles that’s more reminiscent of the latest sneakers.

Not game enough to try it? Think again. You can also go for a less progressive look as shown in the gallery by men such as Nick Wooster, Pharrell and Tinie Tempah.