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This $350 Rolex GMT Alternative Looks Almost As Good & Is Great Value

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Yes, it doesn’t GMT but hear us out.

Ever since Rolex started releasing stainless steel versions of their sports watches, we have fallen in love. Our favourite you ask? None other than the GMT – Master II.

The fusion of the 24 hour rotating GMT bezel, Jubilee bracelet and Oystersteel construction is the perfect combination of practicality, beauty and durability, which is appropriate for all occasions. Whether you are heading to the gym or out for a sophisticated dinner, the GMT will have you covered. Having a watch that is so capable warrants the idea, why have any more? and with the GMT – Master II this is a serious possibility.

Another key feature of the GMT is its ability to display the time, in two timezones. This is a perfect detail for those who travel often and need to reference the time back home, alternatively it works well for those who need to communicate with other overseas. Realistically, anyone can find a use for the GMT function of their watch.

Aesthetically, the Jubilee bracelet is a timeless look that embodies luxury and elegance. In the guise of the GMT – Master II, the bracelet and case are both constructed from Oystersteel which provides and exceptional finish when polished and is able to resist corrosion, even in the harshest conditions due to it’s aerospace origins. The GMT is available in two colour-ways, red and blue known as the ‘Pepsi’ and black and blue known as the ‘Batman’, no matter which you go for, it will look fantastic.

So whats the catch? It is priced at $12,250. Unattainable for some, just plain unavailable for others.

The solution? Simple. The Seiko SKX009K2 and SKX007K2.

Seiko Men's SKX007K2 Diver's Automatic Watch
Seiko Automatic Diver Watch SKX009K2

Priced at around $350, the SKX offers terrific value, especially in comparison to the GMT with many comparable features including a rotating red and blue bezel, automatic movement, Jubilee bracelet and stainless steel construction. The Seiko actually outperforms the GMT on two fronts, water resistance and the ‘day’ function. The SKX is rated at 200m water resistance in comparison to the GMT’s 100m rating, impressive for something a fraction of the price.

This means you can comfortably swim, snorkel and even dive with the SKX without concern, something that the GMT isn’t capable of. Another difference is that the Rolex only offers a ‘date’ function which shows what day of the month it is (1-31). In contrast, the SKX offers a ‘day’ and ‘date’ function which displays the day of the week (Monday – Sunday) as well as the date. The only real difference between the two watches are that the Seiko doesn’t offer a two time zone function as it is a dive watch.

Whatever way you look at the SKX it is a win. Those who aren’t watch snobs might mistake it’s Rolex counterpart and those who are watch snobs will deeply respect it. So whats holding you back? Go get one.

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