Winning Photos Showcase Hidden Parts Of The Universe

Humans are often so enthralled in their own lives on ground that little attention is given to the skies. Thankfully the cool kids at the Royal Observatory Greenwich of the UK hold an annual competition to track down these images and their talented photographers.

This year’s prize money reached a grand total of £10,000 which is more than enough to bring out some of the best amongst the wood work. There could only be one winner though and that man was China’s Yu Jun who captured a mesmerising photo in the Sun category.

Named ‘Baily’s Beads’, the image portrays multiple silhouettes of the sun with The Guardian explaining that the phenomenon is actually a visual effect caused by the moon passing over the sun. This in effect causes the minuscule beads of light to peak through for a truly unique image beyond our atmosphere.

The other images include the sun giving off solar flares, the iconic aurora borealis and numerous starry cityscapes from unique perspectives. Even deep space doesn’t escape the lens with whole other galaxies stunningly captured by people from around the world.

Scroll through the gallery to see which one inspires you most then check out the incredible photos of the world’s biggest cities from space.