Russell Westbrook Cops Hate For His Isolation Style

Giving protective hi-vis a new meaning.

Russell Westbrook Cops Hate For His Isolation Style

As expected, it’s slim pickings right now when it comes to celebrity style. Even the rich and famous aren’t immune from the global crisis, so many are staying indoors to evade whatever paparazzi might be loitering around. That hasn’t stopped some of them turning to at-home selfies, however, and the Houston Rockets’ Russell Westbrook is the latest to share his own personal snap.

The Point Guard, who has a fair few records and MVP titles to his name, certainly knows how to command the court but going by the comments on his latest post on Instagram, he needs to rethink his style game. It’s a simple fit for sure – and we’ll admit, a step away from his usual accolade of being the king of fashion in the NBA – pairing a white t-shirt with white pants, but with some colour added in by way of a hi-vis beanie and a pair of his own Why Not? Zer0.3 “Splash Zone” sneakers, made in collaboration with the Jordan brand.


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Westbrook has a long history with Jordan, and has released several pairs of the Why Not? Zer0.3 sneaker in the past. The pair he’s wearing in this picture is inspired by the toy water guns he played with as a child and even come in a toy-inspired retail box. They were released just this month.

We’re not against Russell’s fit at all, but Instagram being Instagram has its own opinion. The only real positive comment we can see is “Westbrook’s frame is insane, can fit into anything”, but even that was shot down with some replies.

Scrolling down we get to other comments such as,

“It’s so far beyond bad it’s literally unbelievable.”

“Russ became a painter during quarantine”


“No. Just no.”

We’ll leave you to make your own mind up, but hey, at least he’s putting some thought into his appearance, unlike some other famous faces that have been spotted strolling around their neighbourhoods.

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