Here's One Russian Apartment You'd Live In If You Were Single

Russian James Bond vibes going on here.

Bachelor Pad

The temptation to crack Russian bride jokes here is high, but luckily there’s a good distraction in this cool industrial apartment which shows off how bachelor living is accomplished in Russia.

The design itself is less brazen and slightly more constrained than what architects have pushed in the past, but it’s the liberal use of cascading columns here which makes this home in Kotelniki a worthy abode.

Geometrium DSGN was the firm behind the design which grew from the the client’s request of revolving around sports and a healthy lifestyle for an unmarried man. As such, there’s a mix of bold and masculine textures which extends to exposed cement, pinewood, black accents and raw brick.

What’s unique about this place is that the bedroom takes centre stage in the middle of the apartment with only partitions separating it from the living room. Hey, at least it’s motivation to always keep the bedroom tidy. Lighting also seems to be a major pulling factor here with everything from down lights to hanging lights and hanging lamps all providing an ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics.

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