Salt Bae’s Mykonos Workout Is Proof You Don’t Need A Gym To Stay In Shape

Shredded beef.

Salt Bae’s Mykonos Workout Is Proof You Don’t Need A Gym To Stay In Shape

Holidays are for relaxing, right? Not if you’re The Internet’s Sexiest Butcher.

Salt Bae, a 37-year-old meat cutting icon from Turkey, with world famous restaurants now all around the globe, has taken to Instagram to show off how he is keeping fit on his latest Mykonos jaunt.

Though it’s just a brief glimpse it certainly puts our cocktail swilling bicep curls to shame.

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Real name Nusret Gökçe, Salt Bae puts his money (his net worth is rumoured to be $50 million) where his mouth is, doing various types of single leg squats in what appears to be the driveway of a Greek villa.

In the clips, Salt Bae wears black shorts and shoes, and white socks. He also shows admirable counter balancing skills (and trunk and leg stability), getting down low on these squats – an impressive feat on one leg.

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If you want to mimic this workout while on holiday – find a big heavy rock. If you want to copy it in the gym, search for a kettlebell or a large plate (or even a dumbell). A real no excuses Salt Bae workout.

While you might prefer to reserve your holidays for pure fun, Salt Bae is one disciplined individual (he recently revealed he hasn’t watched a movie in 15 years. What a psycho). This trip to Mykonos was also a combination of business and pleasure.

He has an outlandish body fat percentage (and more than 14 restaurants to maintain), after all.

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If you are looking for some more ways to get ripped without a gym – whether you’re on holiday or in lockdown – check out the articles at the bottom of this piece. Or – if you need a helping hand – why not check out the best at home gym equipment for keeping in shape.

Now: go get that bread. Or should we say, steak…

Just remember to stretch afterwards – something you can do just like Salt Bae himself, with the stretching routine he helpfully posted to Instagram earlier this year (see: Salt Bae’s Mobility Exercises Will Either Make You Or Break You).

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