Salt Bae Turns The Internet’s Most Irresponsible Meme Into A Greek Island Workout

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Salt Bae Turns The Internet’s Most Irresponsible Meme Into A Greek Island Workout

Image Credit: @nusr_et

Salt Bae has a knack for inciting fascination. From his salt sprinkling to his workouts, everyone wants a piece.

The man has a lot more to show for himself than viral success. He’s a successful restauranteur with an estimated net worth of $50 million, and an inspiration to anyone who covets six-pack abs.

He’s also made a name for himself in recent years posting innovative workouts, which are a fresh breeze in this climate of bicep curls and overly serious yoga classes.

Enter: his latest workout post. Salt Bae recently shared the following photo on Instagram, showing followers a creative way to work their abs.

It is also reminiscent of ‘planking’ – arguably the Internet’s most irresponsible meme.

Watch Salt Bae’s latest workout in the video below.

In the photo, which 2,094 people commented on, Salt Bae can be seen doing a plank up in the air between a house and a patio wall, with a rock on his back. It should be noted you shouldn’t try this without building up your strength to be able to cope with it.

Many followers were impressed by the weird workout, and stunned by Salt Bae’s physique.

The photo follows on from previous, similar, workouts Salt Bae has done in Mykonos. He has previously shared videos of single leg squats with the same kind of rock, showing off some impressive counter balancing skills (and trunk and leg stability).

Salt Bae also recently took to Instagram to remind followers the value of hard work, sharing a motivational message (“have the same focus and discipline every day at work and in business”) and videos of him reaping the rewards of his work, enjoying a cigar, after three good years for his restaurant in Mykonos breaking a record.

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