Samsung Galaxy Surfboard Keeps You Connected On The Waves

Given that surfers escape the world of overbearing technology by taking to the seas, we’re not too sure how well a connected surfboard will fair with them.

Nonetheless, Samsung are never ones to just let technology slip through the cracks of life and so comes the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard. It is exactly what you think it is: A surfboard with an integrated LCD screen which has a slot that connects to your Galaxy S7 smart phone to provide real time swell updates, notifications and weather.

The wildly innovative project was brought to life by Leo Burnett and Johnny Cabianca and took almost two years to complete. Don’t get your credit cards out just yet though, the Galaxy surfboard is purely a concept at the moment however Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina did manage to break it in before it got taken back to R&D.

If the product does come to fruition, expect people to quite literally be Tinder surfing.