One Night Stand: What Women Want Most According To Scientists

How to be (statistically) perfect.

One Night Stand: What Women Want Most According To Scientists

What do heterosexual women want from sex? The lazy answer is Ragnar Lothbrok or Chris Hemsworth – but a new study suggests your favourite Viking gaze may not cut it on its own.

In fact, though emotional intuition is undeniably sexy (not to mention crucial in the bedroom), cold hard data could actually be what takes your next one night stand from tepid to boiling (especially when that cold hard data leads to you getting a decent haircut).

New research into what heterosexual women look for in “the kind [of partner] you’d only want for a single evening” has come up with some surprising (and some not so surprising) results.

The study questioned 68,000 respondents, whose answers were analysed by Clue Research (a women’s fertility app)’s Dr Virginia J. Vitzthum in collaboration with the University of Göttingen. The result? The ultimate guide to being the (statistically) perfect one-night stand.

While some of them are immutable, some aren’t. So in the interests of doing what you can: here’s everything you need to know to give yourself the best chance possible at being an ‘ideal.’

Be well-groomed

While women worldwide still adore beards, when it comes to short-term partners, Clue research found they much prefer “short haircuts and hairless chests.”

“This is especially true in Japan and Russia, where women also prefer clean-shaven men,” Clue told D’Marge.

Be tall

Just a heads up: height is make-or-break in the dating world. While this is hardly news, you might be surprised at how readily women admitted this, with 89.5% of women telling Clue researchers they would prefer a short-term partner to be taller than them, and only 11.9% calling it “unimportant.”

Be small (or at least, not too big)

We’re not talking microscopic but according to the study an average-sized penis is preferred by women to a large “piece,” when looking for a short-term partner. Likewise, almost a third of women (29.1%) thought that average body-types were desirable in short-term partners. In other words: the dad bod is back…

Don’t be a smart arse

Though people like to brag about their cerebral matter on Tinder, it turns out actions speak louder than words with just 33.1% of British women and 46.7% of American women calling intelligence “an important factor” when picking a short-term partner.

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