Scientists Sound The Alarm On Joe Rogan’s Steroid Use & Harebrained Diet

Die-hard fans won't be happy...

Scientists Sound The Alarm On Joe Rogan’s Steroid Use & Harebrained Diet

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Exercise scientists have undertaken a comprehensive and ruthless critique of Joe Rogan’s fitness regimen, and die-hard fans may not be happy…

We’ve got a lot of time for Joe Rogan here at DMARGE — his decision to fire an arrow at Elon Musk’s personal Cybertruck was a highlight of the past 12 months, as was his candid if somewhat shocking mental health confession. However, the millionaire podcaster who prides himself on his cutting-edge wellness regimen has come under fire from one of the internet’s most respected exercise scientists…

In a viral analysis, exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel has taken a deep dive into Rogan’s regimen, shedding light on some potentially misguided and even dangerous practices. Rogan, known for his chart-topping podcast and role as a UFC commentator, has also gained attention for his unconventional diet and exercise habits, including his adherence to a carnivore diet and the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

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Rogan’s ‘Over-indexed’ Workouts

Israetel, a trusted (frankly adored) voice in the fitness community thanks to his Renaissance Periodization YouTube channel, first addressed Rogan’s preference for kettlebell training. While acknowledging the many benefits of kettlebells for functional training, Israetel suggests they may not be the most efficient tools for everyone, emphasising that traditional weightlifting equipment and bodyweight exercises — such as push-ups and pull-ups — are much more effective for most people.

“Kettlebells are pretty cool for that [functional training]. But I would say over-indexing on kettlebells as a first priority… barbells and dumbbells first…”

Dr. Mike Israetel

Moving on to Rogan’s self-proclaimed favourite exercise — the Turkish get-up — Israetel becomes even more critical. He describes it as a “parlour trick of lifting” that offers minimal benefits for building strength or improving overall fitness. Underscoring his scepticism about the exercise, Israetel said this…

“It’s entirely purposeless, it looks like a waiter fell down and is still trying to make sure he doesn’t spill the rice all over the place”

Dr. Mike Israetel
You see what he means about the waiter… Image: Men’s Health

TRT & Carnivore Diet

Israetel’s analysis also covers Rogan’s use of TRT — before anyone blows their top, TRT is comprised of the same stuff as the “steroids” that bodybuilders abuse, but “differs from anabolic steroids in the amount of testosterone used”. While acknowledging that TRT can be transformative for those with clinically low testosterone levels, Israetel warns against its use by individuals with normal levels…

“You’ll take it and you’ll get all these nasty side effects… or you’ll take the TRT and kind of nothing will happen.”

Dr. Mike Israetel

Rogan’s infamous carnivore diet also comes under scrutiny. While the carnivore diet does have a heap of benefits, Israetel defends carbohydrates as the “undisputed forever king of performance nutrition”, essential for high-intensity activities and overall energy levels… but conspicuously lacking from Rogan’s diet.

Say what yu will about the carnivore diet, but a good steak never goes amiss… Image: The Independent

Israetel cautions against relying solely on a carnivore diet, as it may not sustain the energy required for rigorous physical activities and as a result, could lead to injuries or fatigue. Are you a die-hard Joe Rogan believer who thinks Israetel is making a fuss over nothing? Or are you team Dr. Mike, taking down these questionable celebrity workouts one day at a time? Let us know.