Relax In The Lap Of Bohemian Luxury At Scorpios Mykonos

Scorpios Mykonos

Mykonos is known for its sprawling beaches, its 24-hour party scene, and its Ibiza-esque embrace of hedonism. The island is famously restless and self-indulgent, energetic and ultra-hip, with a stretch of sand for any mood or taste.

But on a sun-drenched southern tip, something is different. A weatherworn house has been transformed into an oasis of bohemian luxury. It’s both contemporary and ancient – a mix of rural charm and trendy, upscale touches unlike anything else on the island. Welcome to Scorpios Mykonos.

Scorpios Mykonos is a modern interpretation of an agora – a central meeting place in ancient Greek city-states. The agora was the hub of athletic, artistic, spiritual, philosophical, and political life of the city. Scorpios aims to foster the same sense of community and culture amongst its citizens.

The setting mixes minimalism with rich textures and handcrafted details. The hotel embraces natural shapes and materials, incorporating local art and objects as well as a colour scheme culled from the surroundings. Though the luxury is unmistakable, there’s little hint of affectation in the design. At Scorpios, simplicity is its ultimate sophistication.

The spacious grounds span three main areas: the western sunset lounge and beach, the terraces on the eastern sunrise beach, and a generous restaurant and club area in the centre. From its privileged location overlooking two beaches, Scorpio’s stunning 360-degree view is just one of the features making this spot truly unique.

The cool and airy stone clubhouse and bar serve as the central hub of social activity – a welcoming place where time ceases to be relevant, where guests share moments away from the heat. Here guests gather under a shady canopy for long, leisurely meals that can stretch long into the afternoon or evening. With a daytime ambience reminiscent of a good friend’s living room, nightfall gives way to a more festive energy.

After sundown, the space evolves into a venue for special events and live music. One night could feature a DJ spinning soul-jazz; the next might welcome a band of drummers in feathered headgear. It’s one part EDM-fueled Mediterranean party island, one part cocktail bar populated with models and socialites, one part Burning Man without the dust.

Whether you’re looking for daytime beach lounging or nighttime debauchery, Scorpios Mykonos delivers in style.