How To Get Scott Disick's Style

“People who say, ‘real men don’t wear pink,’ obviously don’t know any real men.”

And so goes the fashion mantra of Scott Disick. So, who is this Disick, who just tells it like it is? Ask your lady friend. Caught up in the reality TV series – Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Disick is the partner of the socialite-sister clan’s oldest member, Kourtney. Or, so the story goes.

Having never tuned in, we’ve heard there are plenty of ‘entertaining’ moments between Disick and his Kardashian belle. We’ve also heard that Scott Disick style reputation is that of an expensive taste in clothes. Now, that’s worth tuning in for.

Scott Disick Style – Breaking It Down

Scott Disick Style

Disick isn’t much for understated colour (as made evident with his references to the importance of pink). From blazers to sports coats, shorts to suede loafers the colours of the rainbow shine on Disick’s wardrobe, but rarely all at once. See, the trick to being a man of colour is a) doing it brilliantly without an air of care and b) wearing just as much muted colour – from war time grey to cream to chocolate brown. Like all healthy things, balance is key, which is why this chino master is also not afraid to don a fluro pair of shorts.

Light & Ripped

Scott Disick Style

A perfectly sunny LA summer requires nothing but light layers and ripped denim. And Disick does it without looking like a wanna-be actor or hipster. His severely washed denim hosts blink-and-you’ll-miss-it rips in appropriately-faded places, creating a pair of jeans that look that he has cherished them for years, not just a few weeks. In slim fit in perfect length, finish the look with a taupe sweater or pure white long sleeve shirt and let the lightness go on until sunset.

Perfectly Prep

Scott Disick Style

Smart casual never looked so prep (and likeable) than it does on the back of Disick. A walking Ralph Lauren model, Disick channels the classic American look; tapping just the right amount of lemon sorbet cashmere to loop effortlessly in a loose knot at the front. Rounding out the off-duty collegiate look, a striped blue shirt and navy chinos perch over simply black loafers.

For a more casual business look, a lime striped sports coat and tonal green tie colour block boldly on matte yet electric blue linen pants. And like Disick and his fascination with pink, don’t forget a rose pocket square.

Dressed For Success

Scott Disick Style

An entrepreneur in his own right, Disick is rumored to be worth $12m. But with no job or product line, no one really knows what Disick gets up to – Monday to Friday, nine to five. Something big, it seems – judging by his dressed-for-success attire. At times, Disick is neutrally grey in a classic single-breasted suit turned rather corporate with a shawl lapel, then casual again, sans tie.

Other times, Disick opts for the technically casual suit in window-pane, which is making a resurgence in the office this season. The subtle spot neck scarf and black tassel loafers (with socks) make for an Italian touch. Having Disick’s Euro-slick hair does help the overall affect, too.

Get Shorty

Scott Disick Style

Living an endless summer it seems, Disick’s stylish domination of the common man short (worn not so well by many now and in the past), highlights the LA gent’s innate understanding of the casual bottom. When he goes short (by that we mean mid-thigh, never shorter) the silhouette is roomy and airy, again dyed in boisterous pink.

Longer shorts are slimmer, sitting just above the knee, and are more structured like chino shorts but in varying cloth weights; linen for super lightness and cotton-polyester for more heftiness. Again, pair the short with a collarless-anything.

Key Scott Disick Style Items


Lutwyche suits offer subtle window-pane checks on complete suits, as well as Gieves & Hawkes and Thom Sweeney. For a classic grey number, go for Canali and super-luxe Dolce & Gabbana.


Off-duty, Disick rocks linen silk blend button-down shirts by Haider Ackermann, and white long sleeve crew necks from James Perse and Alex Mill. Striped business shirts are Hackett London inspired and of course, Polo Ralph Lauren.


Disick’s light wash denim can be picked up at Michael Bastian, while rips are best placed with The People Vs., in super vintage wash. Other times, catch Disick in black 501 Levi’s.


Leather jacket for casual LA gigs from Balmain. Sports coats are all Ralph Lauren or equally Hampton’s Americana with Tommy Hilfiger or Gant.


In rose gold, the perfect Disick watch is made by Bremont or Junghans chronoscope is a tan masterpiece. Silk neck scarf with tassels is none other than Etro.


For Disick’s smoker loafers in rich black suede and tassel trim look to Santoni, or more down played loafers are available from Berluti and Tod’s – all Italiano, of course.