World Champion Snowboarder Scotty James Shares Brutal Core Workout

"Sneak peek."

World Champion Snowboarder Scotty James Shares Brutal Core Workout

Image: @scottyjames31

Ever wondered how top tier snowboarders keep in shape? There’s more to it than metal pins and ligament reconstructions – they work out like devil’s possessed.

World Champion snowboarder Scotty James does, at least. And fortunately for anyone looking to mimic his workout, he recently shared a snippet of what he does to Instagram.

Along with the caption: “Sneak peek at the office work that allows me to do what I love,” James posted a video of himself doing core rotations, knee tucks, and some intense interval work to finish.

Watch World Champion snowboarder Scotty James’ brutal core workout

He then asked followers: “What’s your favourite core exercise?”, to which fans responded with comments like: “core, I think none” and “Reaching for my wine.”

“Resting core is my favourite.”

One Instagram user took it seriously, writing: “23 minutes of planking.”

James, who is an Olympic bronze medalist, 3x World Champion, 6x XGames medalist and US Open Champion, has recently also shown followers his deadlift skills, calisthenics work, squatting, hudle jumping and skipping…

… as well as posting clips of reaction time work reminiscent of a Formula one driver (while on vacation, no less).

Want to know how it compares to Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo’s workout? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Watch Daniel Ricciardo keep himself sharp with various strength building exercises

If that doesn’t inspire you to go for your casual weekend jog, take a cold water plunge, or take up juggling, I don’t know what will…

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