Sergio Ramos Tests Injured Knee With Intense New Workout

A circuit that will leave your legs quivering for days...

Sergio Ramos Tests Injured Knee With Intense New Workout

Forget the rumours he’s leaving Madrid this year. What matters right now is that Sergio Ramos is focussing on maintaining his world-class physique as a central defender, by working out like an absolute demon.

The Real Madrid captain, whose contract expires this summer, yesterday took to Instagram to showcase an innovative leg workout – one which will leave the lower appendages of any mere mortal brave enough to try it quivering for days.

“Training session finished and ready to watch my team play,” Ramos captioned the video. In the clip, Ramos can be seen using three trampolines of varying inclines, set up in front of a vertically inclined crash mat, propped up against a wall.

If that sounds overly complicated… it gets worse (or at least, harder). Not only do you have to commandeer a section of your local gym large enough to set up your equipment like this, but you also have to actually do the workout.

If you have the stomach legs to mimic this bit, here’s how to do it. Once you have set up your equipment as Ramos has above, repeatedly jump from the crash mat down to the middle trampoline, always starting on one leg and landing on the other.

Though the clip only shows Ramos working out one leg, it is advisable to then switch, building muscle (and stability) equally between your legs. This workout targets muscles such as the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves, as well as your core.

Building brawn is crucial for protecting against knee injuries. Not only does this workout mimic the same kind of fall which commonly ruptures football and NBA players’ ACL’s (see: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Derrick Rose), but it makes great sense in this instance because Ramos last month suffered a knee injury which saw him leave Real Madrid’s January clash with Athletic Bilbao wrapped in a bandage and limping.

This would also explain why Ramos can be seen with a black supportive bandage around the knee he is training in the above video.

The 34-year-old legend must avoid a crucial (or cruciate) injury to his knee at all costs if he wants to continue in the upper echelons of the sport for as long as possible, following in the footsteps of the likes of 36-year-old Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini, who continues to defend against some of the best players in the world.

Though Swedish sensation Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently proved anything is possible with the right training and mindset, recovering from an ACL injury which he sustained playing for Manchester United in the English Premier League in 2017, spending a couple of years in America, and now playing again in the big leagues with AC Milan, he also proved how quickly a big club can drop you.

Speaking of the Red Devils, Ramos is rumoured to want to leave Real Madrid and join Manchester United at the end of this season, with Give Me Sport reporting, “The legendary centre-back’s contract expires in the summer and it doesn’t look as if the two parties will agree a new deal.”

“Ramos joined Los Blancos from Sevilla in 2005 and has since established himself as one of the greatest defenders of all time… The 34-year-old has won 22 major trophies at the club, including five La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues.”

“He’s still one of the best in the business and should he depart the Spanish capital in due course, Real Madrid are really going to miss him.”

So long as he continues providing us with workout inspiration, we wish him luck wherever he goes. The big question now is: which club has the financial muscle to pick up his alleged €24 million gross salary demand?

Watch Sergio Ramos destroy his biggest workouts below.

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