Good News, Sex Will Make You A Better Athlete

Good News, Sex Will Make You A Better Athlete

These days it appears that sex is the miracle cure to everything from high blood pressure, to obesity, pain, stress, lack of sleep and even cancer. Well, now we can add another health benefit to the list with a recent study finding that regular sex will make you a better athlete.

In light of the upcoming Olympics, sex toy company Adam & Eve decided to test if sex could affect how good we are at sports. Teaming up with Olympic coach Dr. Mike Young, Adam & Eve monitored how the sex and masturbation habits of 21 national and college athletes, of both genders, influenced speed, strength, and agility.

No surprise, really, that the results found more frequent sex and masturbation correlated with lower running times, higher vertical-jump heights, and greater strength. It was solo sex, however, that produced the most interesting result. It lead to a 10% increase in agility and a 13% increase in strength.

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This isn’t the first time that sex has been related to better athleticism, either. Apparently, a Brooks Running survey conducted last year found that nearly half of runners under 40 performed better in races if they got down and dirty first.

But not so fast. Dr. Mike Young did mention in his study that subjective perceptions were actually more influential to athletic performance than sex. “If they feel like participating in a sexual activity will improve their athletic performance then it more than likely will and they should strategically seek out opportunities to be sexually active.” According to the study, athletes who believed in the power of sex to improve their skills were 68% more likely to see improvements.

So, it’s all in the mind as well as between the sheets.

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