5 Shows Like ‘Ozark’ That Are Just As Good, If Not Better

Fill the Ozark void...

5 Shows Like ‘Ozark’ That Are Just As Good, If Not Better

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Ozark, the gripping series that follows Marty Byrde (the seemingly ordinary financial advisor and family man, who’s actually a money launderer for the second-largest Mexican drug cartel), is one of the best television shows of recent times.

Well-written and featuring an excellent cast, stunning cinematography and thrilling storylines, it’s no surprise that Ozark won 3 Primetime Emmys and was unanimously critically acclaimed during its run. But we’re guessing that you’re still having withdrawals since Ozark ended for good earlier this year. Us too.

But don’t fret, because there are many shows that are just as good and are extremely similar to Ozark. Trust us, these five shows will definitely fill the void Ozark left you with. Enjoy!


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7.9 IMDb score, stars Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini & Ben Mendelsohn, Drama & Thriller, released in 2015, 3 seasons

This Emmy award-winning series follows dysfunctional family, the Rayburns. And when the black sheep of the family returns home, the Rayburns are forced to face their dark past secrets. Bloodline is extremely similar to Ozark because of the intense family dynamic but also because of the stunning aerial shots that highlight the beauty of the setting.

So, you know how Ozark is filled with beautiful shots of the Ozarks? Well, Bloodline has beautiful shots of the Florida Keys. Oh and if you’re still not sold, Bloodline is a seriously well-written and smart drama; again, just like Ozark.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Breaking Bad

Image Credit: AMC

9.5 IMDb score, stars Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul, Crime, Drama & Thriller, released in 2008, 5 seasons

Breaking Bad is considered one of the best shows of all time. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, the series follows a meek chemistry teacher who decides to become a meth manufacturer when he’s diagnosed with cancer.

Breaking Bad has very similar elements to Ozark; the most obvious being that the series also follows a family man with a dark, criminal secret. If you like Ozark, you’ll love Breaking Bad.

Where To Watch: Stan


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8.7 IMDb score, stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter & David Zayas, Crime, Drama & Mystery, released in 2006, 8 seasons

Dexter follows Miami forensics expert Dexter Morgan, who spends his days solving crimes… but his nights committing them. Yes, Dexter lives a double life as a serial killer who targets other murderers who weren’t ‘punished enough’ by the justice system. Sure Dexter is focused on murder rather than money laundering but it does still share similarities to Ozark.

For example, both Dexter and Marty seem like normal, upstanding guys but are both entangled with crime, and both shows explore complicated family dynamics. Trust us, you should definitely give Dexter a try if you’re an Ozark fan.

Where To Watch: Paramount Plus


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8.8 IMDb score, stars Pedro Pascal, Wagner Moura & Boyd Holbrook, Biography, Crime & Drama, released in 2015, 3 seasons

If your favourite thing about Ozark were the plotlines concerning the Navarro drug cartel, then Narcos is for you. Narcos centres around the true-life story of Pablo Escobar as well as how cocaine drug cartels grew and spread around the world.

Filled with brutal, bloody conflict as well as exceptional performances, especially from Pascal, Narcos is a serious must-watch.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Sneaky Pete

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Video

8.1 IMDb score, stars Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland & Shane McRae, Crime & Thriller, released in 2015, 3 seasons

This underrated series is perfect for Ozark fans. Sneaky Pete follows Marius, a con man who assumes the identity of his former prison cellmate, Pete, as he’s trying to evade a vicious gangster. Marius then reunites with Pete’s estranged family, who totally buy that he’s Pete, but Marius soon realises that Pete’s family may be more dangerous than the vicious gangster…

Marius is constantly put in tough situations that he must wriggle out of in Sneaky Pete and it’s these moments that are very reminiscent of Ozark.

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

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