10 Simple Grooming Tips Every Man Needs To Know

Men’s Grooming is an area that no man should ever be complacent with. Don’t believe us? Ponder the vibes you’ll give off to your date when wearing an immaculate suit, smelling like roadkill and looking like Tom Hanks’ stunt double in Cast Away. Get the drift? Now follow these pointers.

#1 Avoid Shaving Irritation With Shaving Cream


When the day comes for the hipster beard to die and it’s time to take it all off, remember this handy little grooming hack: Leave your shaving cream to settle on your skin for five minutes before commencing the cut. The finish will leave you without the red bumps and irritating skin.

#2 Use Lip Balm To Fix Shaving Cuts


No man likes to leave home looking like they’ve just waxed their face and have toilet paper to compensate for the bloody mess. Use a handy lip balm instead. Rub a small amount onto your finger and then apply over the wound. The wax texture will help seal the cut and act as a rapid blood clot. You’ll also be saving the trees, man.

#3 Deodorant Prevents Blisters From New Shoes


Say what? You read right, you fine specimen of a man, you. This works best for roll on deodorants so grab an old roller you’ve got laying around and apply it to your heel area before inserting your feet into a fresh pair of dress shoes. You’ll notice a lot less friction when walking around and you’ll also avoid the nasty blister.

#4 A Bar Of Soap In Your Gym Bag Prevents A Sweaty Stench


Hey-yo Rocky, we know you lift but your gym bag stinks. Easy fix? Get yourself a nicely fragranced bar of soap, throw it in the gym bag and the odour will neutralise along with the soap. If you you’re paranoid, throw in three bars of soap.

#5 Conditioner Makes For Good Shaving Cream Downstairs


Now we usually condone having your razor anywhere near your nether regions, but if for some inexplicable reason you do need to go the full Brazilian downstairs, then do it right. Shaving cream may leave behind an uncomfortable sting and tingle due to its menthol-based ingredients. Use hair conditioner instead. It provides the same follicle-softening effect whist reducing skin friction and dare we say, accidental cuts. As Captain Planet says: The power is yours.

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#6 Chewing On Parsley Can Prevent Bad Breath


Cooking dinner for the sexy date and forgot to bring some gum? No kissy-kissy for you tonight. Or it is? Grab that bundle of parsley you’ve been chopping up, shove a few clovers in your mouth and chew away. It won’t taste the greatest but the enzymes in the parsley help deodorise bad breath. Remember to rinse out with water though otherwise you’ll look like an even bigger grub.

#7 Blasting Your Razor With A Hair Dryer Increases Longevity


This grooming tip is more about prevention than reaction. By drying your razor with a blow dryer after every shave, you’re removing the water that can cause rust and a build up of residue on the blades. Either of those will drastically limit the life span of your razor blade costing you a fortune. So take an extra 30 seconds to dry those babies off before packing it away.

#8 Hand Cream Can Smooth Frizzy Hair


Not a fan of the bed hair? No worries. Ran out of hair product? No worries. Find your closest hand cream (preferably that of your partner’s) and lather it through your hair evenly. It’ll do the job nicely whilst not smelling too shabby.

#9 Groom Your Nails After Showering When They Are Softer


Water is your best friend when it comes to nails. They absorb the water and in turn soften your finger and toe nails. This is the perfect time to attack them with the clippers as they’re more flexible, leaving little chance for cutting into yourself especially when the nail is stiff and dry.

#10 Vodka Will Remove The B.O Smell From Your Shirt


Find yourself some cheap Vodka laying around and do something useful with it. Like pouring it into a spray bottle and lightly covering it on your odour emitting shirt. Remember, the idea is to spray on a light mist and not soak the garment. Once the alcohol in the Vodka evaporates, it takes with it the odour. Explaining the legitimacy of the smell to the police at a random breath testing station is another story.

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