Singapore Airlines Stops Serving Peanuts On Flights

To be replaced with 'peas and crackers'.

Ricky Gervais is weeping into his first-class pillow as the world’s deadliest snack has been removed from the menu of all Singapore Airlines’ cabin classes.

Although their spokesperson declined to comment (when asked by The Straits Times) whether this is in response to an incident last year—where a three year old toddler went into anaphylactic shock, triggered by the passengers around him eating nuts—it seems the most likely conclusion.

After the July 12 incident, Singapore Airlines said that it would review “the serving of nuts on board our flights,” and that although they would accommodate requests for nut-free meals, they would be  “unable to provide a nut-free cabin or guarantee an allergy-free environment on board.”

The latest decision seems to be an attempt to change this. According to The Star Online;

“While an all-out peanut ban on flights is not the norm for airlines worldwide, several major carriers such as Qantas and Air New Zealand have stopped serving them.”

Now that Singapore Airlines has followed suit we have two questions: who will be next—and when will Ricky Gervais follow through on his threat to bathe in peanut oil before his next flight?

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