Hollywood Superstar Admits To Sliding Into Womens' DMs To Get A Date

You're not alone...

In last night’s Ellen DeGeneres appearance a certain Hollywood icon just validated the existence of trigger-happy DM shooters everywhere: even celebrities use Instagram to get laid.

Michael B. Jordan, we salute you for your bravery (and honesty).

The Creed and Black Panther star, after being pressed for details by co-hosts Ellen DeGeneres and Chrissy Teigen, admitted that he has occasionally hooked up via Instagram’s direct message feature, and that he is—shock, horror—only human (as opposed to a chiselled demi-god) after all.

Jordan initially avoided the questions about his dating life. But his privacy was not to be…

Ellen started off by questioning how such a famous, strong and handsome man could possibly be single.

“You’re in all these amazing movies. Really, so much has happened and you’re still somehow single. How is that possible?” she asked.

Jordan countered that he’d been working and didn’t have the time to “properly” date. But Ellen and Teigen were far from done.

“We don’t buy it,” DeGeneres said. “We all work hard but we have relationships.”

That’s when Teigen realized they weren’t going to get anywhere until they got specific.

“Have you ever hooked up via direct messages?” she asked.

“I have,” Jordan bashfully responded, thinking back and nodding. “I’m human. I’m human. Not often, but yes, I have.”

Apart from his love life, Jordan also discussed his rise to the Hollywood A-List, what it’s like to go from being “the next Will Smith” to being the model actor for today’s up and comers.

“I remember when it used to be like, ‘He’s the next Will Smith,’” Jordan said. “Now I’m the example of the next—they’re looking for the next me.”

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