Cool Ideas To Completely Transform Any Small Bathroom

Is your bathroom so small you could take a dump and a shower at the same time? We feel you, but it’s not all doom and cramped gloom when it comes to small bathrooms.

As our old mate Notorious B.I.G told us, “Mo’ bathroom, mo’ problems.” Lyrical errors aside, it’s time to embrace your tiny bathroom and trick it out like a boss!

Corner Sinks

The perfect corner shot

Taking up less space than traditional sinks, or even pedestal varieties, corner sinks help to functionally streamline a small bathroom. Ideally, your corner sink should be positioned across from the toilet rather than the shower, leaving a more open thoroughfare and the illusion of more space.

Trough Sinks

Go deep with a trough

If you absolutely cannot find a corner for your sink, the next best option is an ultra-modern trough sink. Thanks to their low profile and narrow nature, trough sinks look best when wall-mounted (also known as floating vanities), leaving ample storage room beneath.

Alternatively, leave the space under the sink bare to increase floor space and make the bathroom feel spacious.

Wall-mounted faucets are also encouraged as they work well with narrow vanities and make way for increased sink space. 

Embrace Your Curves

Get those curves working for you

As well as posing potential late night hazards, too many sharp edges in a small space will also make the area feel smaller than it need to. Consider a curved sink, a round mirror, a quarter-moon shaped corner shower, or an arch-shaped bathmat for a bathroom with curvy character and charm.

Shower Curtains

Cover it up good

A swinging shower door is the bane of a small bathroom’s existence, so throw out any ideas of a hinged shower door and meet your new best friend: the shower curtain.

Perfect for a shower-tub duo, shower curtains have come a long way from the mould-splattered floral horrors that adorned your childhood shower. Tons of modern and masculine designs can be found with a little shopping around.

Ditch The Door

If shower curtains really aren’t your thing, ditch the idea of a shower covering completely. Well, almost completely! For those who go down the door-less route, remember to compensate with additional waterproofing. This could include tiling the entire space – from floor to ceiling – and can be quite expensive. A good compromise comes in the form of a glass panel covering a portion of the shower.

Find The Perfect Mirror

Reflect effect

Bigger is better when it comes to mirrors in cramped bathrooms. Rather than matching the size of your mirror to your vanity, choose a piece that stretches the length of the wall (or close to) and watch the space practically double in size. Don’t stop at just one; place different sized and shaped mirrors wherever feels right. This method makes the bathroom bigger while allowing you to admire yourself from every conceivable angle. Win-win!

Tile Treatment

Tile it up for a good distraction

A striking tiled floor can transform a pokey bathroom into a seemingly palatial throne room. A bold black-and-white design or a mosaic-type pattern (think Mediterranean extravagance) would both work well. When settling on a design, be sure to choose a pattern that leads the eye to the far end of the bathroom.

Tiled walls are expensive but awesome. They effectively draw the eye up, elongating the room and maximising the appearance of space.

The Doors

Door way solution

A traditional door will eat into your square footage, and every inch matters when dealing with a tiny bathroom. Pocket (or sliding) doors are nice, and we’re loving the resurgence of sliding barn doors. Rustic and masculine, they are the ideal replacement for a swinging door.

Creative Storage

Store it like champ

Storage is an issue for bathrooms big and small. The trick is to think smart and utilise every nook and cranny. Some simple ideas include floating shelves, compact built-ins, storage ladders, and stacked crates or antique chests. If you’ve opted for a floating vanity, the space beneath the sink offers up to a meter of useable storage space. Towel rails or hanging hooks are another must have.

The Power Of Paint

Get your colours right

A neutral colour palette creates a bathroom that is calming, clean and feels larger than its square footage. Add warmth, depth and texture to the colour palette with plush textiles (i.e. buy bath towels in a deep blue hue) and splashes of accent colour (such as a mirror frame matching the colour of your hand towels and bathmat).

For something a little different, paint a feature wall with vertical stripes to lengthen the surface and draw the eye up.

Find Your Niche

Figure out your personal taste

A niche is like a reverse shelf that eliminates clutter and looks sexy doing it. Recessed into the wall, a professional will need to be brought in to complete the construction work. Shower niches eliminate the necessity of storage shelves that protrude from the wall and take up valuable space. Outside the shower, niches can hold towels and toilet paper with ease.