15 Small Tattoo Ideas For Men In 2022


Looking for your first tattoo idea and want to go with something small? Or perhaps you already have a strong collection of ink and are looking for a small tattoo to fill in some space. Whatever your reason, small tattoos are incredibly popular for men, because they often tick a wide range of boxes.

These can include being incredibly affordable, they obviously don’t take up much space and so can be covered up easily if needed, or your small tattoo could be what is often referred to as a “shit tattoo,” in that it has no meaning and could be a completely random doodle.

Owing to their size, a small tattoo can be inked pretty much anywhere on your body. Your hand, leg, chest or forearm, for example.

If you know you want to get a small tattoo but you’re lacking inspiration, then we’ve rounded up some of our favourite small tattoo designs that could help point you in the right direction.