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This $200 Cast Iron Skillet Will Change How You Cook Forever

Whether you’re a self-confessed novice in the kitchen, or if you fancy yourself the next Gordon Ramsay, you’re not truly cooking without a Cast Iron Skillet. The benefits of using cast iron over other cookware are endless; cast iron is naturally non-stick and won’t release any harsh chemicals like Teflon non-stick pans do. Cast iron is also easy to clean, practically indestructible, and provide even cooking temperatures.

Therefore, The No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet by Smithey Ironware co. is a vital necessity your kitchen needs. Handcrafted in premium cast iron and polished with a satin-smooth finish on the interior, The No.12 is made to last; so much so that it comes with a lifetime warranty! It’s also large and versatile enough to tackle a variety of dishes; you can pan-fry chicken, sear steak, roast veggies in the oven, and you can even bake biscuits in The No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet. This skillet seriously makes tougher recipes a breeze.

So, if you don’t have a Cast Iron Skillet yet, improve your culinary skills with The No. 12 for only US$200.

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