Spike Lee Rocks Up To A New York Knicks Game Dressed Like A Women’s Handbag

She's Gotta Have It.

Spike Lee is a rather unconventional style icon.

The 64-year-old film director has always had an eclectic and off-beat personal aesthetic: from his chunky glasses to love of colour and wild baseball caps, Lee’s always been one of a kind. Indeed, he arguably kickstarted modern sneaker culture with his 90s ads for Nike, featuring his iconic tagline, “it’s gotta be da shoes.”

He normally saves his craziest outfits for when he sits courtside at New York Knicks games – the superfan regularly rocking his favourite team’s orange and blue colours. His latest courtside outfit, however, might just be his most outrageous yet, and it’s one that’s inspired both shock and awe from fans.

In attendance for his beloved Knicks’ game against the Boston Celtics at Madison Square Garden last week, Lee wore a NBA logo-embroidered suit, orange loafers and blue Knicks socks. He looks like a bloody handbag – well, he would, if he wasn’t also wearing a Louis Vuitton x NBA purse as well. Handbagception…

Reminds us of the David Jones herringbone. Image: Getty

The suit, too, is a Louis Vuitton number from the aforementioned Louis Vuitton x NBA collaborative capsule, and retails for around US$5,000. It’s likely it was a gift from Lee’s friend and fellow creative Virgil Abloh, LV’s current creative director and the founder of Off-White.

It’s a gift he may want to return, however. Comments on SportsCenter’s Instagram have been especially funny, joking that he’s “getting into the Halloween spirit” or that “my aunt has that same outfit!” Spooky.

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Lee also wore a similarly eye-catching Abloh-designed LV suit to the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Indeed, he worked closely with Abloh to create a whole week’s worth of outfits for the prestigious French event. Lee has expressed a desire to collaborate with Abloh and LV again, telling WWD that “I just think that when you’re hot you gotta keep it going… I hope that it’s not a one and done.”

We just hope their next sartorial exchange is one that’s a little less retina-searing.

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