The Dead Giveaway A Restaurant Will Be Way Too Expensive

The tell-tale signs that you're going to spend too much on a burger.

The Dead Giveaway A Restaurant Will Be Way Too Expensive

Image: Sergio Pavel

After spending the best part of two years mostly eating at home, it’s been a revelation being able to go and eat out again. We’ve missed our local greasy spoons, high-end restaurants and everything in between. What we haven’t missed, however, is the sticker shock that often comes with dining out.

You know what we mean. $20 for a cheeseburger. $5 for a can of Coca-Cola. That’s to say nothing of the long waiting times and questionable service you often receive when getting grub from a food truck or supposedly upmarket fast food joint. And it’s the same everywhere – it’s almost like there’s an international conspiracy…

One post on Reddit’s /r/funny, pointing out some common traits shared by expensive burger restaurants, has hit a nerve with the disgruntled diners of the world, receiving viral praise. Simply titled “You know when the burger will be way too expensive…”, the meme really hits the nail on the head – and it’s not just burger places where this rings true.

The four horsemen of the burgocalypse.

It’s so true though – it’s always some hipster dude with an undercut, tattoo sleeves and nitrile gloves who’s making those overpriced burgers and taking forever to get your order out. While the original poster was from Europe, it seems as if this is a common thing around the globe, according to the comments. As one Redditor put it:

“The funny thing is, it looks like that this is universal. I live in Brazil and this stereotype applies perfectly, from burgers to beers and barbershops.”

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Another insight from the comments was how food trucks (who are normally staffed by these Black Glove Bandits) seem to be particularly guilty of bad behaviour.

“F***ing HATE food trucks. Yesss please let me pay $16 for a meal that WILL leave me hungry because it’s f***ing tiny and I waited for 30min even though I am the only customer, from a kitchen on wheels with questionable hygiene at best, with no bathrooms or ways to wash my hands before or after I had to eat with my hands, [then suggesting] a 20% tip, apparently for me walking up to the window, placing my order and then picking it up myself,” one American commenter complained. Say what you really feel.

Image: Biggie Smalls Kebabs

Also, what’s with the obsession with 90s hip-hop, particularly The Notorious B.I.G.? There are so many fast food places either named after Biggie or have something on the menu named after him, like a ‘Big Poppa’ burger. Or something. We hope the White family’s getting royalties…

That said, we don’t want to rag on restaurants too much. The only thing worse than an overpriced restaurant is some influencer with an over-inflated ego trying to scam free meals. Check out this Australian restauranter’s brilliant comeback to a rude influencer trying to get #couscousforcomment.